The Order is based on the historic records of the life and the legend of King Athelstan. The focus of the Order is to show how this early reference to the importance of Masonry in English history was significant for the development of speculative Freemasonry.

The Masonic Order of Athelstan portrays the story of a Master Mason being called to York in 926 AD to receive the Ancient Charges from the king. Throughout its ceremony the ritual contains a great deal of symbolism that is still seen in some Lodges today and a great deal that is not currently worked.

The Order, in England and Wales, is structured so that its Provinces, wherever possible, reflect and represent the original Kingdoms and Gilds (original spelling of Guilds) as they were set up by King Athelstan during his reign as "The First King of all the English". Our Provinces do not therefore correlate directly with the English County divisions; our Provinces amalgamate and include areas from existing counties to provide Provinces large enough to support and sustain the required ten Courts.

Throughout Masonic ceremonies, there are many legends that are used to tell a story and portray moral values. The ceremonies within this Order are no different. The Athelstan ceremony focuses on the legend of the York Assembly of 926 AD and uses this as the framework and conduit for our own ceremony. The story is the summoning of the Master Mason to the York assembly for further 'instruction' of Masonic ritual and symbolism and in doing so follows the historic development of the Craft over the following centuries.

The aim of the Masonic Order of Athelstan is to encourage and prompt its members into actual further study and research. As such each candidate is carefully chosen due to their interest in Masonic history and is ‘Instructed’ into our Order.

Membership of our Order is strictly invitational and members are expected to take a wide and committed interest in all aspects of freemasonry, there are therefore mandatory requirements for each member to have current, active and ongoing membership of both Craft and Royal Arch Chapter Masonry. To this end we are fully committed to supporting the United Grand Lodge of England and expect each and every member of the Order to give full support and allegiance to the UGLE.


  • Bolivia 2016: 31 Jan 2016 – Santa Cruz and the consecration of The Santa Cruz Court No 118

    1 Feb 16

    An early start for the Grand Master and his Team who took a very early breakfast before 7.00am when all were met by R W Bro Jose for a flight to our next destination, the city of Santa Cruz.

  • Bolivia 2016: 30 Jan 2016 - Consecration Court of Illimani No 115, Court of Simon Bolivar No 116 and the Court of Los Andes No 117

    31 Jan 16

    After a good sleep the Grand Master and his Team met for an early breakfast at 7.00am and then it was back to Grand Lodge of Bolivia, Calle Obispo Cardenas, No 1480, esquina Calle Bueno, for the Consecration of three Courts; Court of Illimani, No 115; Court of Simon Bolivar, No 116; and the Court of Los Andes, No 117.

  • Bolivia 2016: 29 Jan 2016 - Ceremony of Instruction, Installation of a Master, Consecration of a Prior, Consecration of a Court, Constitution of the Province of Bolivia and the Installation of the first Provincial Grand Master for Bolivia

    30 Jan 16

    After a good night’s sleep (and an early breakfast at 7.00am!) the Grand Master, and his Team, arrived at the Grand Lodge of Bolivia, Calle Obispo Cardenas, No 1480, esquina Calle Bueno, about 8.00am local time. Together with Petitioners the Team speedily ensured that the Temple was ready for our purposes.

  • Bolivia 2016: 27-28 Jan 2016 – England to Bolivia

    29 Jan 16

    The Grand Master, M W Bro Paul W Johnston, PGHCh, GCSM, accompanied by the Grand Secretary, R W Bro Roy W Leavers, KCSM, PSGW; the Grand Marshal, V W Bro John D Watts, KSM; the Deputy Grand Marshal, Simon S Walsh; and the Grand Guard, W Bro Derek Dunn, made their separate ways to Airports in England and then travelled to Amsterdam arriving at about 11.00am.

  • Order of the Scarlet Mantle, March 2016

    23 Jan 16

    The spring meeting of the Appendant Order of the Scarlet Mantle will be held at Leicester on 19th March 2016.

  • Provincial Grand Master for Lindsey

    3 Jan 16

    Following the retirement, with effect from on Friday 17th June 2016, of R W Bro Raymond N Dinning, GCSM, as Provincial Grand Master for Lindsey, the Grand Master, M W Bro P W Johnston, PGHCh, GCSM, has appointed V W Bro William H Carlyon, KSM, PGSwdB, (pictured) to become Provincial Grand Master for Lindsey.

  • Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests and Order of Holy Wisdom

    3 Jan 16

    The Order warmly congratulates W Bro Ian T D Smith, a member of The Rood at Sudtone Sari Court No 106 (Province of Sussex), on his preferment in the Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests and Order of Holy Wisdom.

  • Provincial of Bolivia and the first Provincial Grand Master for Bolivia

    31 Dec 15

    The Grand Master, M W Bro Paul W Johnston, PGHCh, GCSM, has determined that on Friday 29th January 2016 at Calle 8 No 8084, Calacoto, La Paz, Bolivia he will Constitute the Province of Bolivia.

  • Grand Court 2016

    29 Nov 15

    The next Annual Meeting of Grand Court will be held on Saturday 22nd October 2016 at our usual venue of Leicester. Due notification will be sent to all Brethren of the Order in due course.

  • Provincial Grand Master for Sussex

    29 Nov 15

    On 31st December 2015 R W Bro Brian J Prevett, GCSM, will retire as Provincial Grand Master for Sussex after nearly 9 years in Office; having been installed on 26th May 2007. R W Bro Brian will be succeeded by W Bro Lionel B Mee, PSGD, Deputy Provincial Grand Master.

News in brief

  • Yearbook 2016

    The 2016 Yearbook of the Order  is available to download from the members download area after logging in.

    Please send all corrections for the 2017 edition to the Deputy Grand Secretary at office@athelstan.org.uk

  • Deputy Grand Secretary

    Congratulations to W Bro David C Hughes, Deputy Grand Secretary, on his forthcoming appointment as Metropolitan Grand Inspector in Metropolitan Grand Lodge.

  • Installation of Bro Roger W Freeman as Provincial Grand Master for Wessex

    Saturday 19th December at the Mount Edgecumbe Masonic Hall, Citadel Road East, Plymouth, PL1 2NG was the setting for the installation of Bro Roger W Freeman (picture, right) as Provincial Grand Master for Wessex.

  • Christmas Message from the RW&Em Grand Prior

    As this joyous season of Christmas approaches we ask that the Supreme Being may pour out His blessing on you, your families and loved ones. May peace and joy be with you all and the New Year be a time of health and happiness keeping us in mind of those less fortunate than ourselves.

    R. W. and Em. Bro. Canon Ron. Black
    Grand Prior

  • The Court of Eoforwic, Oct 2015

    The Court of Eoforwic No. 1, based in the beautiful City of York held its Installation meeting in the wonderful surroundings of Castlegate House on Friday 16th October 2015.

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