The Order of the Scarlet Mantle

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The Order of the Scarlet Mantle is appendant to the Masonic Order of Athelstan and has its own Statutes. It was created as a separate reward-based Order for meritorious service by members of the Order of Athelstan.

 Knights are installed or promoted in a ceremony commemorative of the Knighting of Athelstan by King Alfred the Great in and around the year 898 (the first recorded making of a Knight in England). It is stated that Athelstan, upon being knighted was given a 'Scarlet Mantle and a Sword with a golden hilt and a scarlet mantle bedecked with jewels'. Members bear the initials of Knight of the Scarlet Mantle (KSM), Knight Commander of the Scarlet Mantle (KCSM) or Grand Cross of the Scarlet Mantle (GCSM) after their name and naturally can only use this in the context of the Masonic Order of Athelstan.

The Order is administered by a Grand High Chancellor following his appointment by the Most Worshipful Grand Master. A small number of Grand Chancellors are also appointed to assist the Grand High Chancellor. Accolades normally take place on an annual basis immediately prior to the annual meeting of the Grand Court.

Grand High Chancellor RWBro Dr Christopher WG Ansell PAGM, GCSM
Past Grand High Chancellor MWBro Paul W Johnston, GM, GCSM
Past Grand High Chancellor RWBro David Buxton, PDepGM, CofM GCSM