The relevance of the ancient Charges to freemasonry and to this Order will be clear to all members. In celebration and commemoration of the events of 926 at York as described in the Regius Manuscript and elsewhere, the Grand Master has entrusted the Court of Eoforwic No 1, meeting at York, with the custodianship of the Charges of the Order and has authorised a new ritual to be performed there annually. The new ritual recalls in allegorical fashion the labours of our ancient brethren in agreeing charges for approval by the king. A highly successful 'first run' took place at the Installation meeting of Court No 1 on Friday 19 October 2018.

The ritual features a short culmination at Grand Court (witnessed there on 27 October 2018), where the charges of the Order are presented by brethen of Court No 1 to the MW Grand Master for ratification.

The unique York ritual is open to all members of the Order to witness and the next annual performance will be in October 2019. It is intended that the new ceremony will only ever be worked at York, with culmination at Grand Court..

Visit the Lindsey website for images from the York event.