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The culmination of the celebrations of the 10th Anniversary of the Inauguration of our Order took place on Friday 6th November to Saturday 7th November 2015 at the Park Inn, Heathrow.

Friday saw the Investiture of Brethren to the rank of Knight of the Scarlet Mantle and promotions within the Order to the ranks of Knight Commander of the Scarlet Mantle and Knight Grand Cross of the Scarlet Mantle. There followed a Buffet meal in which 150 Brother Knights of the Scarlet Mantle, Brethren of the Order, wives families and friends attended. The Scarlet Mantle meeting and the Buffet on the Friday perfectly set the tone for the events of Saturday 7th November.

Grand Court was attended by over 212 Brethren who later that day, together with wives families and friends, were conveyed to All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey for a Service of Re-Dedication. The expected attendance of 321 was greatly exceeded by the attendance of many members of the public. The exact number will never be known but there were over 350 in the congregation to bear witness to a truly memorable Service of Re-Dedication and the most eloquent of Sermons relating to Athelstan and where England Began from the Rector, Father Jonathan Wilkes.

Later that evening at the Grand Buffet at the Park Inn our Grand Master, M W Bro Paul W Johnston, informed over 220 Brethren, wives, families and Guests that the Order had donated the magnificent sum of £57,500.00 to All Saints Church.

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 The Service of Re-Dedication depended on many different people, all undertaking different duties, yet working in unison as part of a bigger Team. Probably the most onerous of duties was to transport to the Church Wand Stands, Stands, Banner Stands and Poles and then to arrange seating for over 350 people. And of course afterwards to place everything back. Bro Dhir Satish, of The Rood at Sudtone Sari Court, No 106 was one of several Brethren, who under the direction of W Bro Mark Donovan, undertook this important task.
Fortunately Bro Satish took his Camera and he was able to take several pictures which give a different insight to the day. His photographs are linked below.
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