Consecration of the Court of Kakatiya No 109 and Installation of new AGM for India

MWGM, AGM (India) PGM (S India)

The MWGM (centre) with RWBro M Chellappa (l) and RWBro BV Epur (r)


The MW Grand Master assisted by a team of Grand Officers visited Chennai, India on 9th March 2015.



RWBro Barat V Epur, KSM, newly installed Provincial Grand Master of Southern India, writes:


"The various ceremonial and ritual workings of the Masonic Order of Athelstan that were conducted by MW Grand Master and his team of Grand Officers at Chennai, India went off extremely well.

The first item on the agenda was the Ceremony of Instruction (as per the new Ritual) for the petitioners of the Court of Kakatiya No.109 as well as the extra candidates for The Chennai Court No.46. This went off fairly well thanks to the excellent work by MW Grand Master and the Grand Marshal. Some of us who assisted were doing this ritual for the first time. I hope that the candidates were suitably impressed with the overall effort.

Thereafter, MW Grand Master did the new Inner Working for the Primus Master of the new Court as well as for those selected for Special Progression from the new Court as well as from the Millennium Court No.47.

The Grand High Chancellor, R W Bro David Buxton, conferred GCSM on R W Bro M Chellappa and KSM on both R W Bro R K Daruwalla and R W Bro V Nagarajan in a separate Scarlet Mantle ceremonial. R W Bro M Chellappa was also confirmed as GCh.

Later, MW Grand Master consecrated the Court of Kakatiya No.109 and installed as Primus Master, W Bro Ayyadevara Srinivas. During this meeting, W Bro Major Dr D Raja served as the Consecrating Prior.

Finally, MW Grand Master installed R W Bro M Chellappa, GCh, GCSM as R W Assistant Grand Master in charge of India. He then installed RWBro Barat V Epur, KSM as R W Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Southern India.

The day's proceedings culminated with a banquet.

We are extremely grateful to MW Grand Master and his team of Grand Officers, viz. R W Bro David Buxton, V W Bro John D Watts, V W Bro Ian H Scott and W Bro Derek Dunn, who accompanied him from the UK for their care and encouragement as well as the excellent work done by them."



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