Deputy and Assistant Grand Masters: Official Visits

The Deputy Grand Master, RW Bro. David Buxton, GHCh, GCSM and the Assistant Grand Master, RW Bro. Alan J. Baverstock, KCSM will be visiting the following Courts in an official capacity in 2010:-

The Deputy Grand Master:

  • Court of Leofwyne No 33 on Thursday 27th May
  • Bernesedelaue Court No 35 on Thursday 1st July
  • Court of King Raedwald No 41 on Friday 27th August

The Assistant Grand Master:

  • The Court of St Ambrose No 8 on Thursday 20 May
  • Wulfhelm Court No 4 on Thursday 17 June
  • Court of Anglecynn No 11 on Thursday 14 October