The Masonic Order of Athelstan
in England, Wales and its Provinces Overseas

The Order is pleased to confirm the following Grand appointments for 2020-2021.

Active Officers  
Office Name
Eminent Grand Prior Christopher W G Ansell
Senior Grand Warden Paul Mycock
Junior Grand Warden Anthony W Llewellyn
Pres of the Grand Witan Brian C Wareham
Pres of the DAC Nigel P Harding
Grand Secretary Wayne Dyer
Grand Registrar J Stephen Priestley
Grand Treasurer Derek N Broderick
Grand Marshal John G Evans
Grand Sword Bearer John D Roberts (Cert 1358)
Grand Lecturer Theodore-Eddie Kalogeropoulos
Grand Historian Raymond W Hudson
Grand High Almoner Dennis Slights
Dep Eminent Grand Prior Malcolm C G Lane
Dep Pres DAC Barry W Travers
Deputy Grand Secretary Ling Fang Yu
Deputy Grand Secretary David R Attwater
Deputy Grand Marshal Thomas A Lewis
Deputy Grand Marshal William R Barr
Deputy Grand Marshal Glen Coneley
Dep Grand Sword Bearer John C W Hickman
Senior Grand Deacon Ramesh C N J Khetani
Junior Grand Deacon Dennis Robert Leggitt
Grand Organist Edwin R Wildman
Deputy Grand Organist Matthew R Burt
Grand Banner Bearer John L Phillips
Deputy Grand Banner Bearer Roger Deacon
Grand Captain of the Guards Gordon Easton
Deputy G Capt. of the Guards Phillip I Campbell
Grand Burgh Christopher D Hallett
Grand Burgh Bernard F Marchant
Grand Burgh Michael A Shilan
Grand Guard Melvyn Herbert
Deputy Grand Guard Adrian Charles Wagstaff
Promotions in Grand Rank  
Rank Name
Past Senior Grand Warden Noel A B Grout
Past Senior Grand Warden Barrie R Mansell
Past Junior Grand Warden Jeffrey L Conway
Past Junior Grand Warden John G Evans
Past Junior Grand Warden Paul M Lewis
Past Junior Grand Warden Thomas W Urwin
Past Junior Grand Warden Mervyn S Western
Past Grand Sword Bearer Ian N Clark
Past Grand Sword Bearer David G Fox
Past Grand Sword Bearer Maximos Kenetis
Past Grand Sword Bearer Michael G Langley
Past Grand Sword Bearer Barry A Jones
Past Senior Grand Deacon John D Campbell
Past Senior Grand Deacon John E Goldstone
Past Junior Grand Deacon Robert W Riches
Past Junior Grand Deacon Stephen J Kearns
First Appointments  
Office Name
Past Grand Sword Bearer Kenneth P Hill
Past Grand High Almoner Michael Graham
Past Grand High Almoner David N Hanson
Past Grand High Almoner Michael J Herman
Past Grand High Almoner John P Thompson
Past Deputy Grand Marshal John A Ward
Past Senior Grand Deacon Norman J Alexander
Past Senior Grand Deacon Andrew H Barrett
Past Senior Grand Deacon Neil E A Watkin
Past Senior Grand Deacon John M Walston
Past Senior Grand Deacon Kevin P Wood
Past Junior Grand Deacon Kevin Bainbridge
Past Junior Grand Deacon Erwin J Coon
Past Junior Grand Deacon Stephen J Devlin
Past Junior Grand Deacon Patrick N Emerton-Court
Past Junior Grand Deacon Anthony P Hartland
Past Grand Banner Bearer Donnie G Higginbotham
Past Grand Banner Bearer Peter S Jensen
Past Grand Banner Bearer Dimitrios Ntokos
Past Grand Banner Bearer Gavin T O’Sullivan
Past Grand Banner Bearer Anthony S R Pinnell
Past Grand Banner Bearer Mathew C Sims
Past Grand Banner Bearer Colin W Thurston
Past Grand Banner Bearer Luis A Civera Vargas
Past Grand Capt. of the Guards Alan J Brockwell
Past Grand Capt. of the Guards Christopher R Bellis
Past Grand Capt. of the Guards David A Hurst
Past Grand Capt. of the Guards John D Roberts (Cert No 71)
Past Grand Capt. of the Guards Mark R Saunders
Past Grand Capt. of the Guards Roy Winfield-Lowe
Past Dep G Capt. of the Guards Arthur C Barker
Past Dep G Capt. of the Guards Bharatkumar N Khetani
Past Grand Guard Michael J Smith