Since the inception of the Masonic Order of Athelstan, the Appendant Order of the Scarlet Mantle has existed as a 'separate reward-based Order with its own statutes', admitting to membership members of the Masonic Order of Athelstan as a reward for meritorious service. On Tuesday 30th April 2019 at the Leicester Masonic Hall,  90 members of the Order of the Scarlet Mantle assembled to witness a full performance of the new rituals of the Appendant Order, where some 46 brethren were either admitted or promoted, and its renaming by Charter as the Ancient Masonic Order of Alfred the Great.This change of ritual and title more clearly defines and enhances the structure of the Order, clearly linking it to the broader role played by Alfred, grandfather of Athelstan, in paving the way for Athelstan's succession. The position of the Order within Athelstan masonry, and its relation with the Masonic Order of Athelstan is now clearly defined in the Charter.

The Grand High Chancellor of the Scarlet Mantle in India, RW Bro Bharat Epur (picture, left), travelled to join this historic occasion in the history of the Order. The Sovereign Grand Master of the newly titled Order, Sir Knight and MWBro Paul Johnston (picture, centre) addressed the brethren on the background to the changes first initiated in 2016, and thanked all those who had contributed to the spectacular culmination of many months of effort.

Sir Kt and RWBro Dr Christopher Ansell (picture, right) was confirmed and installed as the first Grand High Chancellor of the newly titled Order, continuing the role he held in the Scarlet Mantle.

With this retitling of the Order, post nominals for members in our constitution are also being updated. Holders of KSM, KCSM and GCSM are now styled KAG, KCAG and GCAG respectively. The Sovereign Grand Master of the Ancient Order is styled SGM.

Afterwards some 75 brethen sat down to enjoy a most convivial and informal lunch as a fitting way to end the happy proceedings.


139 2

16 Unique Petitioners joined 22 founders for the Court of Castell Penfro No 139 in a celebration on Friday 29th March (Instruction) and Consecration and Installation of Primus Master W Bro Rev Fr Malcolm Lane (Past PGM of Monmouthshire Craft and Past Grand Superintendent of Monmouth Holy Royal Arch) (30th March) as the Provincial team from Magonsætan, led by Provincial Grand Master Shaun Crutchley, conducted all Ceremonies.

We were delighted to have the presence of the Deputy Grand Master RWBro Roy Leavers who instructed the new members in the Signs of the Order and presented the warrant for the new Court, together with the support of active Grand Officers.

The Court of Castell Penfro is held in the historic Masonic Hall at Pembroke, built in 1901, which has a unique square temple flooring with an Octagonal Ceiling still showing the scars of the war - where strafing bullets or shrapnel (dependent upon version) can be clearly see in the painted ceiling of the temple. The consecration of this Court brings the Province of Magonsætan back up to 8 courts with two further Courts planned during the forthcoming year. There are now Courts in Aberystwyth, Llanelli and Pembroke Dock within the Craft Province of West Wales. Membership of this Order requires subscribing membership of Craft and Holy Royal Arch Chapter.

Brethren of the Court are looking forward to holding their own Instruction ceremony for the remaining founders at the end of April.

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The MW Grand Master accompanied by several brethren from the UK took part in a wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier, at Arlington National Cemetery, Washington DC, on Thursday 21 February 2019. Wreaths were also laid by members of the AMD USA, and by the Provincial Grand Court of the USA, meeting that week for the annual "AMD Masonic Week" events in Washington. AMD Week includes the annual meeting of the Provincial Grand Court of the USA, and a regular meeting of Potomac Court No 107.

A selection of images from this highly moving and prestigious event is shown below.

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On Saturday 12th January 2019 a team lead by the MW Grand Master consecrated the latest Court in the Province of Lindsey - Cildru Court No 134.

The new Court, a daughter Court of the Court of Beoferlic No 59 which meets at Beverley, was consecrated in Hull and is the first such Court in the Order. The chosen name, "Cildru", is derived from the old English word for "child". The proceedings were witnessed by over 80 brethren from the Province and beyond.

Click here to visit the Lindsey website for more information.

srheged banner

A new Provincial Banner for the Province of South Rheged was dedicated by the RW Deputy Grand Master at a meeting of the Province held on Saturday 12 January at Southport Masonic Hall. The milestone event in the history of the Province was very well attended by brethren from the Province and beyond and was followed by a most convivial festive board.

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On Friday 30th November 2018, VWBro Paul Leo Saunders PGSwdB along with the Provincial Secretary for South Rheged, WBro Colin Lewis attending a presentation evening at Cheshire View Masonic Hall, Christleton near Chester.

They were invited, along with a number of other "side orders" to give a presentation to interested Craft Masons and later talk with them on an informal basis whilst providing an information point in relation to the other.

The presentations were attended by over 80 brethren and a very interesting insight was given by the presenters about the Orders involved. VWBro Saunders delivering a short and succient description of the origins of our Order and its development. A display of various items of interest that are utilised within the Order where put on show and attracted individuals who expressed an interest. They were all given a leaflet which described the history of the masonic order of Athelstan.

The evening was enlightening and an excellent forum to showcase our Order.