Bolivia 2016: 29 Jan 2016 - Ceremony of Instruction, Installation of a Master, Consecration of a Prior, Consecration of a Court, Constitution of the Province of Bolivia and the Installation of the first Provincial Grand Master for Bolivia

After a good night’s sleep (and an early breakfast at 7.00am!) the Grand Master, and his Team, arrived at the Grand Lodge of Bolivia, Calle Obispo Cardenas, No 1480, esquina Calle Bueno, about 8.00am local time. Together with Petitioners the Team speedily ensured that the Temple was ready for our purposes.

Then the Grand Marshal held a rehearsal for all the Petitioners of the Corte de La Paz, No 114. This went excellently and in such good time that the Team were also able to run through several matters. When the Grand Marshal finally declared that he was happy it thankfully left some time for a final cup of Tea.

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At 9.00am promptly with the many Candidates for Instruction and Petitioners for the new Court present, the Grand Master opened Grand Court. The Candidates for Instruction were the Petitioners for Corte de La Paz, No 114; Corte del Illimani, No 115; Corte de Simon Bolivar, No 116; and Corte de Los Andes, No 117. The ceremony of Instruction went excellently. It will long be remembered by all those present the obligation delivered to the Candidates by the Grand Master in Spanish.

After a short break certain Brethren were Installed as Masters of our Order.

The Grand Master, assisted by his ‘Team’ Consecrated Corte de La Paz, No 114, in a manner which will long remain in the memory of the Founders and Brethren present. W Bro David Alcoreza Marchetti (District Grand Master of the Mark Province of Bolivia) was Installed as the Primus Master.

The Grand Master for the Craft, M W Bro Jorge Arze Escóbar presided over a luncheon which was greatly appreciated by the Grand Master and his Team.

At 2.00pm The Province of Bolivia was constituted and W Bro Jose Guillermo Mendoza was installed as the first Provincial Grand Master for Bolivia. R W Bro Mendoza then appointed and invested those of his Provincial Grand Officers present, including his new Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Jorge Arze Escobar, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Bolivia.

The work in the Temple having been completed the Grand Master and his Team were able to freely mingle with new Athelstan Brethren and friends. There then followed a visit to the beautiful and most impressive home of the Grand Lodge of Bolivia, at Calle Obispo Cárdenas N° 1480, esquina Calle Bueno.

The day ended with a reception, hosted by the Grand Master, at the Grand Lodge of Bolivia for current and Past Rulers / Heads of Orders in Bolivia and other distinguished Brethren. All of whom are, or will shortly become, members of the Province of Bolivia.