Cyningstun 10–90: a further donation

Cyningstun 10 90 a further donation

The generosity of the Brethren of the Order knows no bounds. Nearly six months after the 10th Anniversary celebrations of the inauguration of the Order R W Bro Roy Leavers, Grand Secretary (picture right), and R W Bro Noel Grout, Junior Grand Warden, the Chairman and Deputy Chairman respectively of Cyningstun 10 – 90 (picture left), again attended All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames. On Monday 25th April 2016 they were able to make a further donation, on behalf of the Order, to Father Jonathan Wilkes (picture centre) in the sum of £2,700.00; the total donations are now the magnificent sum of £60,200.00. In accepting the donation Father Jonathan once again thanked the generosity and support of the Masonic Order of Athelstan and hopes that if our Brethren, wives and families are in Kingston to take time and visit All Saints Church; where they will be most warmly welcome.