Order of the Scarlet Mantle: Appointments and Promotions

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The Right Worshipful Grand High Chancellor and the Most Worshipful Grand Master are pleased to announce the following appointments and promotions within the Appendant Order of the Scarlet Mantle. Brethren will receive their appointment or promotion at a meeting of the Appendant Order on Friday 21 October 2016 at Leicester, to which all members of the Appendant Order will be duly summoned. The nominating Province is indicated after each recipient.

To be appointed and invested as Grand High Chancellor:

RWBro Dr Christopher WG Ansell, GCh, GCSM, AGM

To receive the accolade of Knight of the Scarlet Mantle (KSM)

Matthew Bainbridge (Lindsey)
Charles Barrett (Kent)
Craig Brown (Lindsey)
A P Chitra (S India)
Brian Coshall (East Anglia)
Mark P Donovan (Sussex)
John Evans (Magonsaetan)
Gerald Foulger (East Anglia)
John C W Hickman (Sussex)
Graham S Johnston (Mercia)
Ruben Levy (USA)
Christopher G Maiden (Wessex)
Jose G Mendoza (Bolivia)
Bryan E Miller (Australia)
Stephen Norman (East Anglia)
Anthony D Parkinson (Mercia)
David Railson (Northumbria)
Alan Smith (Magonsaetan)

To receive promotion to Knight Commander of the Scarlet Mantle (KCSM)

Edward T Allcock (Mercia)
William H Carlyon (Lindsey)
Edward Casey (Northumbria)
Shaun Crutchley (Magonsaetan)
Derek Dunn (Lindsey)
Richard Elkington (Australia)
Bharat V Epur (S India)
Ian Scott (Northumbria)

To receive promotion to Knight Grand Cross of the Scarlet Mantle (GCSM)

Ronald C Black (Lindsey)
Derek Broderick (Lindsey)
David Hargett Jr (USA)
Bryce Hildreth (USA)