The weekend of Grand Court

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Friday 21st October and Saturday 22nd October 2016 once again proved the continuing popularity and success of The Masonic Order of Athelstan and the Appendant Order of the Scarlet Mantle. The Annual Meeting of 2015, and all the related events, had proved highly popular and the high levels of attendance, fantastic as they were, might have proved an inhabiting factor for this year’s events. However the Brethren showed a commitment and dedication to that was of the highest standards.

The weekend commenced on Friday 21st of October with a meeting of The Appendant Order of the Scarlet Mantle. A total of 64 Brother Knights were in attendance in the Holmes Temple. M W Bro Paul W Johnston, Past Grand High Chancellor, GCSM, Grand Master; R W Bro David Buxton, Grand High Chancellor, GCSM, Past Deputy Grand Master; R W Bro Dr John B Lloyd, OStJ, Grand Chancellor, GCSM, Deputy Grand Master; R W Bro Dr Christopher W G Ansell, Grand Chancellor, GCSM, Assistant Grand Master; together with Brethren who were Knights Grand Cross of the Order entered in procession. Bro Buxton opened the meeting and presided over three beautiful ceremonies when Brethren were installed as Knights of the Scarlet Mantle; whilst others were promoted to the rank of Knight Commander of the Scarlet Mantle or Knight Grand Cross of the Scarlet Mantle.

Bro Buxton stated that after holding active Office in our Orders since the inauguration he was retiring as Grand High Chancellor. Bro Buxton then installed Bro Ansell in a most moving manner to the delight of all present. The installation Bro Ansell was special for many reasons not least that his late Father, R W Bro Keith Ansell, had also occupied the Office of Grand High Chancellor.
The Most Worshipful Grand Master congratulated Bro Buxton for the many years of Service in The Scarlet Mantle and for the manner in which he had discharged his many duties on the day. He also congratulated Bro Ansell, who was standing down as an Assistant Grand Master at midnight and presented him with the Collar of a Past Assistant Grand Master.

Following on from the open Dining arrangements of 2015 a total of 82 Brother Knights, wives, families, friends and Brethren of The Masonic Order of Athelstan enjoyed a most enjoyable meal. The highlight of which was ‘The Loving Cup’ ceremony which R W Bro Buxton had instigated the previous year.

Saturday 22nd of October saw the annual meeting of Grand Court. The Grand Master entered the magnificent Holmes Temple; to the strains of fine music played by W Bro Wayne Warlow, Grand Organist, on of one of the finest Organs; and opened Grand Court. Nearly 200 Brethren were in attendance, leaving ‘Standing Room ‘only, and were enthralled by the splendour of the day.

The Grand Master awarded his highest award, that of the ’Distinguished Certificate of Merit to Athelstan Freemasonry’ to R W Bro Dr John B Lloyd, Deputy Grand Master and R W Bro David Buxton, Past Deputy Grand Master. He later appointed and invested the Officers of the year.

At the conclusion of the meeting a total of 182 Brethren enjoyed a most sumptuous luncheon.

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