Provincial Grand Court of East Anglia 2016


RWBro Brian W Coshall KSM, Provincial Grand Master, writes:

On Saturday the 15th October 2016 at 11-30am the Annual Meeting of the Provincial Grand Court of East Anglia was held at the Lowestoft Masonic Center, hosted by the Court of Anglecynn No 11 on the occasion of that Court's 10th Anniversary.

The Court meeting was held prior to the Provincial meeting to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Court of Anglecynn No 11, which occurred on 12th October 2016. In addition to Court members there was a very large attendance of Provincial Grand Officers, Present and Past as well as members of Courts of the Province.

A large retinue of guests were in attendance, including the Assistant Grand Master RW Bro Chris Ansell, Five Provincial Grand Masters, Grand Officers, Deputies, Provincial Officers and numerous representatives from other Provinces.

At this meeting was also held the Installation of the New Master, W. Bro Peter Haward. In the unavoidable absence of the Master, the ceremony was conducted in fine style by W. Bro David Hepburn ably assisted by the Court Officers.

As Provincial Grand Master and in recognition of the 10th Anniversary, the Court welcomed me as a Joining member. Also the Past Provincial Grand Master RW Bro Roy Foster was admitted as an Honouree member. Unfortunately, due to ill health and detained in hospital RW Bro Roy was unable to be present, arrangements are in hand to present him an appropriate certificate.

To mark the 10th Anniversary, as the Provincial Grand Master, I was privileged to presented to the Worshipful Master a celebratory scarlet collaret depicting the Carlton Coleville Man and two winged Cyningstun 10-90 Angels. I was pleased to give an explanation of the founding of the Order, the Consecration of the Court and the significance of the symbols on the collaret particularly with their association with Lowestoft and Suffolk.


Following the Court meeting, it was my privilege and pleasure to chair the Provincial Grand Court meeting as Provincial Grand Master. This was a very special meeting for the Province and for the Order. In addition to the Assistant Grand Master, members of Grand Court, PGMs of other Provinces, together with some Deputies, their Provincial officers and members of the Order, other guest were included. This was the first occasion at a Provincial Grand Court meeting that in attendance were nonmembers of the Order as invited guests. These included the heads or representatives of many of the other Orders in East Anglia including the Craft, Royal Arch, Scarlet Cord, Allied Masonic Degrees, Knights Templar Priests, St Thomas of Acon, SRIA, the Operatives and several other Orders.

I am most grateful to all members of the Province and our guests from other Provinces and from other Orders for their kind attendance and trust that they enjoyed the day as much as I did.