Order of the Scarlet Mantle

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A meeting of the Appendant Oder of the Scarlet Mantle was held prior to the Court of Eoforwic No 1 at York on Friday 24 February. Three brethren who were unable to be present at the annual investiture held in October 2016 at Leicester received honours.

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WBro Matthew Bainbridge was appointed Knight of the Scarlet Mantle, and VWBro Edward Casey and WBro Eddie Allcock were promoted to Knight Commander of the Scarlet Mantle by the Grand High Chancellor. The meeting was well supported by members of the Order of the Scarlet Mantle in and around the Province of Lindsey and all joined other brethren of the Court of Eoforwic No 1 at their Court meeting which immediately followed. The Court instructed three new brethren on this most memorable occasion and the subsequent festive board was a most convivial occasion.