Important Announcement from the MW Grand Master: New Appointments


It is my intention at our October Annual Assembly of Grand Court to appoint and invest R W Bro Roy W Leavers, GCSM, to the rank and office of The Assistant Grand Master. This is in recognition of the exemplary and professional manner in which he has assisted me in the guidance of our Order. His work as Grand Secretary has not only benefitted our Order but has been invaluable to me as Grand Master.

As a consequence we will require a new Grand Secretary and I am delighted to announce that W Bro K ‘Barry’ Chalkley is to be promoted from Deputy Grand Secretary to Grand Secretary at our October Annual Assembly of Grand Court. R W Bro Roy will continue to mentor W Bro Barry to ensure a smooth transition in this key position.

I am sure that you will wish to congratulate both on their forthcoming preferments.

Paul Johnston
MW Grand Master
May 2017