Official Visit by the Provincial Grand Master to Archbishop Æthelhelm Court No 34

On Thursday, 21st December 2017 the Archbishop Æthelhelm Court No. 34 in the Province of Sussex was honoured by a visit from the Provincial Grand Master, RW. Bro. Lionel B Mee, KSM.

The Court was opened at 4.30 pm by W Bro Leslie Grout, Worshipful Master with more than 45 members and visitors in attendance at the Nutfield Masonic Centre in Redhill.

The Worshipful Master welcomed the Official Visitor, RW. Bro. Lionel Mee, KSM, Provincial Grand Master on his annual visit to the Court; he was escorted by W Bro Mark Donovan, Provincial Marshal, accompanied by V W Bro Mike Ellis, KSM, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, and a number of Provincial Officers of the year. R W. Bro. Lionel thanked the brethren for their warm welcome, and introduced his Deputy and the accompanying Provincial Officers. He then congratulated V W. Bro. Mike Ellis on his promotion in Grand Rank and W.Bro. Louis Keats, Deputy Eminent Grand Prior and W.Bro. Bob Tuthill, Deputy Grand Secretary, on their recent appointments to Grand Rank.

For the second time in just under six months a number of new Brethren were instructed into the Order to enable them to become Petitioners and Founders of a new Court in the Province to meet at Twickenham. W.Bro. Leslie Grout assisted by the Provincial Grand Master carried out the ceremony of instruction for 12 new members into the Order.


W.Bro. Leslie then carried out the ceremony of installation for Master Elect, Bro. Andrew Fox and also installed the following Petitioners by Dispensation; Bro Martin Smith, Worshipful Master-designate of the new Court, Bro Richard Hardaker, Bro Gordon Smith, Bro Roger Short, Bro John Billet. Both ceremonies were carried out to a high standard in a faultless manner and with great dignity.

2017 12 21 Archbishop Aethelhelm Court

The Provincial Grand Master presented a Grand Court Certificate to Bro Osiji Onah in an interesting and informative manner.


37 Brethren later enjoyed a convivial meal at the festive board during which the formal toasts of the Order were observed.

The next meeting of the Court will be on Tuesday 10th July 2018 at the Nutfield Masonic Centre when it is hoped that Bro Laurie Young, who was elected a member at this meeting, will be able to attend to be introduced into the Order.

The new Court - the Court of Sion Abbey No 126 - will be consecrated on Wednesday, 28th February 2018 and will meet at Cole Court Masonic Centre, Twickenham.

Article by Lionel Mee and photos by Chris Eley