Provinces of Northumbria and South Rheged

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On Saturday 13th January 2018 the MW Grand Master attended by the Asstant Grand Master, Grand Wardens and other Grand Officers, conducted the ceremonies of Reconstituting the Province of Northumbria, installing RWBro Bill Carlyon and PGM, Constituting the Province of South Rheged and installing RWBro Bryan Ogden as it’s Primus PGM.

The 2 PGMs than installed VWBro Tom Urwin PGSwdB and RWBro Eddie Casey PJGW as their Deputy PGMs along with other acting Provincial Officers.

The ceremonies were followed by lunch attended by over 100 members of the Order also held in Wellington Park Masonic Centre, Leyland, Lancashire.

The reconstituted Province of Northumbria consists of the 6 Courts meeting in the Craft areas of Northumberland, Durham and Cumberland & Westmorland.

The newly constituted Province of South Rheged consists of 9 Courts meeting in the Craft areas of East Lancashire, West Lancashire and Cheshire.

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