Provincial Grand Court of the USA 2018

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Day 1 of AMD week at Washington DC was a very busy one for the Masonic Order of Athelstan.

The first meeting to be opened was Potomac Court No107 by the WM James H Hodge.

A contingent of acting Grand Officers then entered under the direction of RWBro John D Watts GReg acting as Grand Marshal: MWBro Paul W Johnston, Grand Master, RWBro Roy W Leavers AsstGM; RWBro D Allen Surratt, AsstGM in Charge of the North Americas; RWBro Jose Mendoza AsstGM in Charge of Latin America; VWBro K Barry Chalkley, Grand Secretary and WBro Stephen J Priestley, Grand Almoner.

The Most Worshipful Grand Master took the Chair of Potomac Court and Instructed the Representative candidate (of 8) MWBro Teko Foley, PastGM of the District of Columbia into the Order assisted by officers of the Court, AsstGM Roy Leavers who explained the signs and words and WBro Ian Dixon PJGD who explained the Rosetta Stone.

Bro Erwin J Coon was then installed as the new Worshipful Master of Potomac Court No107 by the Grand Master.

There then followed the AGM of the Province of the USA with RWBro Bryce B Hildreth presiding.

RWBro Orville Robert Armstrong, PSGW, ProvSGD (Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Tennessee) was appointed as Deputy Provincial Grand Master, obligated and invested by RWBro Leavers, AsstGM and installed by the ProvGM.

The Assistant Provincial Grand Masters Gene R Hatfield and Blane H Simmons were reappointed followed by the appointment of the Officers of the Province of the United States of America.

The MW Grand Master assisted by the Grand Secretary and Grand Registrar then presented Assistant Grand Masters Leavers and Mendoza with their patents of appointment and made some field appointments to Past Grand Rank to Past and Current Grand Masters of the Craft and Rulers of other masonic Orders in the USA.

After 3 hours of intense meetings there was a well earned rest period before an Athelstan banquet was held, also in the Hyatt Regency Crystal City Hotel, Reagan National Airport attended by over 80 members of the Order and guests.

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