Advice on action to be taken in the case of a postponed meeting


Advice from the Grand Secretary:

If a regular meeting of a Court cannot be held because of bad weather, or any other reason, a note must be placed in the minutes explaining the reason and the subsequent action taken. The following should be used as the framework for the entry:

“As a result of severe adverse weather conditions/ A N Other cause, the regular meeting of the Court scheduled for …. (date)…. did not take place as there were insufficient brethren present to open the Court.
(Note, Statute 50: At least 6 members including the Guard and a Master or Past Master are required to open a Court.)

A copy of the summons for the meeting is attached, together with the names of those brethren who managed to attend and made the decision to postpone the meeting.

A dispensation was applied for and granted by the Provincial Grand Master for the Province of ………..
to hold the postponed regular meeting on …date… …………

A postponed meeting should normally be held within 7 days of the planned date, but Provincial Grand Masters will use their judgement in granting the dispensation, notwithstanding which the postponed meeting must be held before, and not on the same day as, the next regular meeting.