Reconstitution of the Province of Wessex and the Constitution of the Province of Dumnonia


The reconstitution of the Province of Wessex and the constitution of the Province of Dumnonia took place in Plymouth on Saturday 14 April 2018. Over 60 brethren (and one dog!) witnessed the MW Grand Master complete the process of the reorganisation of our Provinces in England and Wales, begun many months ago.

WBro Ian Crowe was installed as the Provincial Grand Master for the reconstituted Province of Wessex by the MWGM, and he then proceeded to install WBro Peter Hughes as his deputy. WBro Peter received a "field promotion" to PSGD from the MW Grand Master.

Following the constitution of the new Province of Dumnonia, the MW Grand Master installed RWBro Roger Freeman KSM as first Provincial Grand Master. RWBro Roger then installed VWBro Keith Waters as his deputy.

The proceedings concluded by the Grand Masters' recognition of one canine attendee.

The new Province of Dumnonia comprises the following Courts: Bishop Leofric No 58 (Plymouth), Adelred No 66 (Burnham on Sea), King Hywel of Cornwall No 69 (Perranporth), King Cerdic No 82 (Honiton) and St Germans No 97 (Liskeard).

The Province of Wessex now comprises the following Courts: Theocsbury No 57 (Tewkesbury), Aethelbald No 62 (Keynsham), Bricgstowe No 75 (Bristol) and Malmesbury No 100 (Malmesbury).

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