New Sovereign Constitutions for India and Australia


The Masonic Order of Athelstan was constituted in England in October 2005 and has developed and become well established internationally faster than ever conceived by the original founders. It has been particularly pleasing to note the enthusiasm and commitment shown by our brethren in our first overseas Provinces of India and Australia over this period of rapid growth and development.

After due consideration the Grand Master, M W Bro Paul W Johnston, PGHCh, GCSM, has concluded that Athelstan Freemasonry in India and Australia is now so well and firmly established that it should be placed under the authority of a Sovereign Grand Court of Athelstan in each country. This will undoubtedly benefit the future growth and prosperity of the Order in both countries.

It is the intention of the Grand Master that the Sovereign Constitutions of both India and Australia will be inaugurated at Grand Court in October 2018. Following each inauguration the first Grand Master will be appointed and installed. These will be:

  • R W Bro Bharat Epur for India
  • R W Bro Richard Elkington for Australia

This major milestone in the successful international expansion and development of Athelstan Freemasonry is one all members of the Order should celebrate and brethren are encouraged to come to Grand Court in October to witness these historic proceedings.