Appointments and Promotions in Mark Grand Lodge

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The Order of Athelstan congratulates our members who participated in and were appointed to Grand Rank at the Annual Investiture of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons on Tuesday 12th June 2018 held in The Grand Temple of Freemasons Hall, Great Queen St. London.

In opening Grand Lodge first words of The Grand Master HRH Prince Michael of Kent were to the Worshipful Deputy Master of Coronation Stone Court No50 William Burr on duty in the West fulfilling his duty as Grand Inner Guard.

The following Athelstan members received Grand Mark Rank:-

  • Grand Sword Bearer: Roger Freeman (PGM Dumnonia)
  • Grand Senior Deacon: Dr Alan Beckerton (PProvGMar Mercia)
  • Grand Senior Deacon: Terrence Porter (Spain)
  • Grand Junior Deacon: Richard Goodwin (DepPGM Essex)
  • Reappointed AsstGChap: Justin Parker (WM of Wychbury Court No 23)
  • Past Grand Standard Bearer: William Dyer (ProvJGW East Anglia, ProvMar Essex)

Whilst introducing attendees from overseas, Barry Mansell (DepPGM Spain) and Peter Ribi (PGM Essex) were introduced as Mark District Grand Master of Spain and Past Grand Master of The GLMMM of Switzerland respectively.

Just before closing Grand Lodge HRH Prince Michael made a surprise appointment. After expressing special tribute to our PGM East Anglia, Peter Rollin, outlining the extensive work he has carried out for many years for not only Mark Master Masonry but many of the progressive orders administered by Mark Masons Hall, the Grand Master awarded him the highly acclaimed “Order of Service to Mark Masonry”.

We extend our best wishes to all who attended Mark Grand Lodge on Tuesday and to any other members of our Order who received Grand Rank and who have been inadvertently omitted from this report.

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