Constitution of Euclidean Court No 129 and the Province of Greece

greece b 2018 06

Our Grand Court Team have concluded their duties in Athens where they have been assisting the Most Worshipful Grand Master Paul W Johnston consecrate 2 further Courts, constitute the Province of Greece and install the Primus PGM and DepPGM.

The team consisted of:-

  • As Grand Prior W&EBro Louis Keats DepGPrior
  • As SGW RWBro John D Watts GReg
  • As JGW VWBro Ian H Scott PGSwdB
  • GSec VWBro Barry Chalkley
  • As GMar WBro Peter Ronan DepGMar
  • GSwdB VWBro Derek Dunn
  • As DepGMar WBro Ian Dixon PJGD
  • As SGD WBro Nigel Harding DepPresDAC
  • As JGD WBro Gerald Spencer PDepGSec
  • As GOrganist Bro Christos Pouris, JD Court125
  • GBB WBro John Broughton
  • As GCofGuards W&EBro Alan Hume PPrGPrior Northumbria
  • GGuard WBro Stephen Kearns

The final day, Sunday 17th June commenced with the Consecration of the 3rd Court to meet in Athens, Euclidean Court No129 which will be Greek speaking (the other 2 Athens Courts to be English speaking).

It was a particular delight that the current Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Greece was a founder of Euclidean Court and he graced us with his presence at all Athelstan meetings over the 2 days accompanied by his immediate predecessor Grand Master.

After the Primus Master WBro Andreas Papagannis and his Officers were Installed a presentation was made to the MWBro Paul Johnston, Grand Master, of an enamelled tile as a memento of the occasion.

Following a short break all resumed in the Apollo Temple of the Athens Archenon Street masonic hall where the Province of Greece was Constituted and RWBro Constantin Stephanides Installed as Primus PGM for Greece who in turn appointed and invested WBro Maximos Kanetis as DepPGM.

A splendid lunch followed in the refectory of the masonic hall after which all the brethren visiting from England were presented with a commemorative Jewel and a book about the Acropolis which many had made tome to visit between their Masonic duty.

Tomorrow the Greek hosts have arranged a full day excursion to the historic temple of Apollo at Delphi for those who do not have to return to England immediately and it is hoped the storms which brought a deluge to Athens whilst they were inside the Masonic Hall will have cleared so they can enjoy a well deserved day in the Hellenic summer.

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