"Beyond the Craft" evening at Christleton

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On Friday 30th November 2018, VWBro Paul Leo Saunders PGSwdB along with the Provincial Secretary for South Rheged, WBro Colin Lewis attending a presentation evening at Cheshire View Masonic Hall, Christleton near Chester.

They were invited, along with a number of other "side orders" to give a presentation to interested Craft Masons and later talk with them on an informal basis whilst providing an information point in relation to the other.

The presentations were attended by over 80 brethren and a very interesting insight was given by the presenters about the Orders involved. VWBro Saunders delivering a short and succient description of the origins of our Order and its development. A display of various items of interest that are utilised within the Order where put on show and attracted individuals who expressed an interest. They were all given a leaflet which described the history of the masonic order of Athelstan.

The evening was enlightening and an excellent forum to showcase our Order.