The Masonic Order of Athelstan
in England, Wales and its Provinces Overseas

roy foster


It is with deep regret that we report the passing of Right Worshipful Brother Anthony Roy Foster - known to us all as "Roy".

He passed away on 12th August 2020, having been resident in a care home for a number of years.

Right Worshipful Brother Roy served as Provincial Grand Master of East Anglia from 4th November 2006 to 3rd September 2011.

Roy was one of our Founding Fathers, having been "specially" Instructed on 20th September 2005, before our Order was consecrated.

He was the Founding IPM of the Primus Court, Court of AElfred No.2 in October 2005 - where, also on the Founding of the Order and the Province of East Anglia, he was our Primus Provincial Grand Marshal. As IPM of the Court of AElfred, he took the role of installing Master in September 2006 following the passing of the-then WM, RWBro Keith Ansell, installing Keith's son into the chair.

As with many of the Founding Fathers of the Order, Roy travelled extensively, both home and abroad, in Consecrating new Courts and supporting and promoting our Order.

In 2007, in recognition of his meritorious service to the Order, he was awarded the honorific of Knight Grand Cross of the Scarlet Mantle (GCSM), now Knight Grand Cross of the Ancient Masonic Order of Alfred the Great (GCAG).

In 2016, with his health failing and no longer able to attend any Masonic Meetings, and in recognition of the sterling service he had given to the Order, the Province of East Anglia, and the Courts, Roy was afforded Honorary Membership of Court of AElfred No.2 (his Mother Court) and Court of Anglecynn No.11 (the only other Court in the Province, when he became Provincial Grand Master). He is the only recipient in East Anglia, to have received Honorary Membership, in nearly 15 years of the existence of the Order.

RWBro Roy was a well respected brother who will be much missed by all who knew him.