The Masonic Order of Athelstan
in England, Wales and its Provinces Overseas

Greetings Brethren,

I hope and trust that you and your loved ones continue to be safe and well.

On Friday 22nd January, a virtual meeting of the Grand Witan was convened to discuss the current suspension, which was due to expire at midnight on Sunday 28th February. The unanimous view of the Grand Witan was that the current suspension of Masonic activities within the Masonic Order of Athelstan in England and Wales should be extended to midnight on Tuesday 31st August 2021.

I understand that members will be disappointed with the decision to delay the resumption date until August, however, let me assure you that I have the wellbeing of the members of the Orders at heart. The vaccine rollout, whilst extremely encouraging, is still in its early stages and with the risk of new variants, it is too early to set unrealistic return dates and it is important that as an Order we provide decisive and clear guidance. The suspension will be reviewed regularly and if we can resume earlier be assured that the Order has many exciting events and announcements planned, including the Annual Assembly of Grand Court in Leicester on Saturday 30th October.

The suspension in those Overseas Provinces and Courts will be guided by the Assistant Grand Masters in charge and the Provincial Grand Masters, in consultation with their Craft Grand bodies and their local governments.

Brethren, stay safe, stay well, stay alert and above all else please stay happy.

Yours sincerely & fraternally,
Paul W. Johnston
Grand Master, SGM