The Grand Master writes:

At my installation as Grand Master on 28 th May 2013 I had the foresight to appoint R W Bro Dr John B Lloyd, OStJ, Certificate of Merit, GCh, GCSM, as Deputy Grand Master.

Since his appointment as Deputy Grand Master R W Bro John has served both me and the Order with flair, tact, diplomacy and dedication. During the last five years our Order has witnessed changes to the Ritual; the Statutes; the Administration; changes to the boundaries of our Provinces; the Constitution of new Provinces; the highly successful 10-90 Appeal; and numerous other initiatives. Throughout all these changes and initiatives R W Bro John has been both at my side and in the forefront. His sound advice, wisdom and leadership skills have been of immense benefit to the Order, to me personally and to our Brethren. No Grand Master can had a more loyal and conscientious Deputy. It is therefore with a very heavy heart that I have accepted the retirement of my very dear friend and Deputy from the Office which he has filled with distinction at the annual meeting of Grand Court in October. Whilst he will be greatly missed as a Deputy Grand Master, he will still be a most valued advisor to me and the Order.

To know, and have worked with, a Freemason of such wonderful qualities is a privilege.

I know that my sentiments will be unanimously met by members of our Order.


The Masonic Order of Athelstan was constituted in England in October 2005 and has developed and become well established internationally faster than ever conceived by the original founders. It has been particularly pleasing to note the enthusiasm and commitment shown by our brethren in our first overseas Provinces of India and Australia over this period of rapid growth and development.

After due consideration the Grand Master, M W Bro Paul W Johnston, PGHCh, GCSM, has concluded that Athelstan Freemasonry in India and Australia is now so well and firmly established that it should be placed under the authority of a Sovereign Grand Court of Athelstan in each country. This will undoubtedly benefit the future growth and prosperity of the Order in both countries.

It is the intention of the Grand Master that the Sovereign Constitutions of both India and Australia will be inaugurated at Grand Court in October 2018. Following each inauguration the first Grand Master will be appointed and installed. These will be:

  • R W Bro Bharat Epur for India
  • R W Bro Richard Elkington for Australia

This major milestone in the successful international expansion and development of Athelstan Freemasonry is one all members of the Order should celebrate and brethren are encouraged to come to Grand Court in October to witness these historic proceedings.

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Brethren of Courts No 114 (Corte de La Paz), 115 ( Corte Del Illimani) and 116 (Corte de Simon Bolivar) held meetings on consecutive days in April: on 3, 4 and 5 April 2018 respectively. As well as two Instructees joining the Corte Del Illimani, seven brethren of the Corte de La Paz made a joint presentation on the emblems of mortality, prompting much discussion afterwards. The brethren sent us these images from their meetings.

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The reconstitution of the Province of Wessex and the constitution of the Province of Dumnonia took place in Plymouth on Saturday 14 April 2018. Over 60 brethren (and one dog!) witnessed the MW Grand Master complete the process of the reorganisation of our Provinces in England and Wales, begun many months ago.

WBro Ian Crowe was installed as the Provincial Grand Master for the reconstituted Province of Wessex by the MWGM, and he then proceeded to install WBro Peter Hughes as his deputy. WBro Peter received a "field promotion" to PSGD from the MW Grand Master.

Following the constitution of the new Province of Dumnonia, the MW Grand Master installed RWBro Roger Freeman KSM as first Provincial Grand Master. RWBro Roger then installed VWBro Keith Waters as his deputy.

The proceedings concluded by the Grand Masters' recognition of one canine attendee.

The new Province of Dumnonia comprises the following Courts: Bishop Leofric No 58 (Plymouth), Adelred No 66 (Burnham on Sea), King Hywel of Cornwall No 69 (Perranporth), King Cerdic No 82 (Honiton) and St Germans No 97 (Liskeard).

The Province of Wessex now comprises the following Courts: Theocsbury No 57 (Tewkesbury), Aethelbald No 62 (Keynsham), Bricgstowe No 75 (Bristol) and Malmesbury No 100 (Malmesbury).

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This is Rufus. He’s an assistance dog who attended the Grand Court/Provincial Grand Court meetings in Plymouth on Saturday 14th April. You may wonder why he is wearing a Scarlet Mantle. It’s because after the MWGM made him an honorary member of Court No 50 and conferred upon him the rank of Past Grand Guard, The Grand High Chancellor made him an honorary Knight of the Scarlet Mantle, as reward for twice saving his owner's life (Bro Bajona). A very happy ending to today’s Installation of 2 PGMs, concluding the reorganisation of Provinces in England & Wales, a report of which will follow soon.

Sion Abbey Consecration

The Court of Sion Abbey, the tenth Court to be established in the Province of Sussex, was consecrated at the Cole Court Twickenham Masonic Centre on Wednesday, 28th February by RW.Bro. Lionel Broadbent Mee, Provincial Grand Master who officiated as Consecrating Officer.

Read more here


Advice from the Grand Secretary:

If a regular meeting of a Court cannot be held because of bad weather, or any other reason, a note must be placed in the minutes explaining the reason and the subsequent action taken. The following should be used as the framework for the entry:

“As a result of severe adverse weather conditions/ A N Other cause, the regular meeting of the Court scheduled for …. (date)…. did not take place as there were insufficient brethren present to open the Court.
(Note, Statute 50: At least 6 members including the Guard and a Master or Past Master are required to open a Court.)

A copy of the summons for the meeting is attached, together with the names of those brethren who managed to attend and made the decision to postpone the meeting.

A dispensation was applied for and granted by the Provincial Grand Master for the Province of ………..
to hold the postponed regular meeting on …date…..at …………

A postponed meeting should normally be held within 7 days of the planned date, but Provincial Grand Masters will use their judgement in granting the dispensation, notwithstanding which the postponed meeting must be held before, and not on the same day as, the next regular meeting.

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Day 1 of AMD week at Washington DC was a very busy one for the Masonic Order of Athelstan.

The first meeting to be opened was Potomac Court No107 by the WM James H Hodge.

A contingent of acting Grand Officers then entered under the direction of RWBro John D Watts GReg acting as Grand Marshal: MWBro Paul W Johnston, Grand Master, RWBro Roy W Leavers AsstGM; RWBro D Allen Surratt, AsstGM in Charge of the North Americas; RWBro Jose Mendoza AsstGM in Charge of Latin America; VWBro K Barry Chalkley, Grand Secretary and WBro Stephen J Priestley, Grand Almoner.

The Most Worshipful Grand Master took the Chair of Potomac Court and Instructed the Representative candidate (of 8) MWBro Teko Foley, PastGM of the District of Columbia into the Order assisted by officers of the Court, AsstGM Roy Leavers who explained the signs and words and WBro Ian Dixon PJGD who explained the Rosetta Stone.

Bro Erwin J Coon was then installed as the new Worshipful Master of Potomac Court No107 by the Grand Master.

There then followed the AGM of the Province of the USA with RWBro Bryce B Hildreth presiding.

RWBro Orville Robert Armstrong, PSGW, ProvSGD (Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Tennessee) was appointed as Deputy Provincial Grand Master, obligated and invested by RWBro Leavers, AsstGM and installed by the ProvGM.

The Assistant Provincial Grand Masters Gene R Hatfield and Blane H Simmons were reappointed followed by the appointment of the Officers of the Province of the United States of America.

The MW Grand Master assisted by the Grand Secretary and Grand Registrar then presented Assistant Grand Masters Leavers and Mendoza with their patents of appointment and made some field appointments to Past Grand Rank to Past and Current Grand Masters of the Craft and Rulers of other masonic Orders in the USA.

After 3 hours of intense meetings there was a well earned rest period before an Athelstan banquet was held, also in the Hyatt Regency Crystal City Hotel, Reagan National Airport attended by over 80 members of the Order and guests.

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SM USA 07-02-2018

The MWGM, AsstGM, GSec, GReg and WBro Ian Dixon PJGD have travelled from the UK to Washington DC for the USA Masonic week being held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Crystal City.

On the eve on the official events the MWGM in his capacity as Past Grand High Chancellor conferred the honour of Knight of the Scarlet Mantle on WBro Gene Hatfield, AsstPGM USA (pic front row 2nd from left) who was unable to attend Leicester in October 2017 due to ill health.

Grand Chancellor RWBro Roy Leavers delivered the oration, VWBro Barry Chalkley KSM acted as Knight Secretary, RWBro John Watts GCSM fulfilled his duty as Knight Marshal and WBro Ian Dixon KSM acted as Knight Captain of Guards.

Also present were RWBro Allan Suratt GCh AsstGM for North America, RWBro Jose Mendoza GCh AsstGM for South America, RWBro Bryce Hildreth GCSM, PGM for USA, RWBro David Hargett GCSM, DepPGM USA and WBro Andre Lovas KSM of Georgia Court.

Tomorrow the AGM of the Province of USA will take place to include a ceremony of instruction, and the installation of a WM in Potomac Court.