The 4th Provincial Assembly of Wessex 18 May 2012

The 4th Provincial Assembly of Wessex, hosted by Bishop Leofric Court No 58, was held in Okehampton, Devon on the 18th May 2012.


The Provincial Grand Secretary, VWBro Brian Wright,  wrote:

"This is a special occasion today for this is the first time we have used a Sword and Banner Bearer . It is only now as we are stronger as a Province that it is appropriate that our PGM is escorted. I will now show you more fully this magnificent Sword that has been given for the prosperity of the Province most generously by the Provincial Grand Master. The design and crafting of this oak stand is my contribution to the Province and the Brass plaque made and engraved by Bro Christopher Haliburton. The executive of Wessex thought very hard of how we could dedicate for all time the memory of departed brethren, and as you can see written “This Sword is dedicated to the memory of those brethren called to higher service”, “The Masonic Order of Athelstan REMEMBERS” "

Provincial Sword Wessex