Court of King Raedwald Anniversary Dinner

raedwald-dinnerThe Court of King Raedwald No. 41 was honoured by the presence of the Grand Master, MW Bro Michael Roalfe, the Provincial Grand Master of East Anglia, RW Bro Frank Barber, and the ME Grand Superintendent of Suffolk, E Comp David Boswell, at a unique event to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the Consecration of the Court on 8th March, 2008.

In collaboration with the National Trust, the Court of King Raedwald held a Celebration Dinner at Sutton Hoo, the site of the King Raedwald's Anglo-Saxon burial ship.



In 1939, archaeologists excavating a series of mounds overlooking the River Deben discovered a burial ship in which lay a burial chamber containing the weapons, jewellery & treasure that a great & powerful King would need in the afterlife. Later, extensive research indicated that this was indeed the burial ship of Raedwald, King of the East Angles, who died about 625.

The Brethren of the Court of King Raedwald, their Ladies & honoured guests, (76 in total) were thus able to enjoy a private viewing of the Exhibition Hall, & view items discovered at the dig in 1939, as well as magnificent reproductions of the weapons & treasures from the dig.

Guest speaker Dr. Sam Newton, of Channel 4's 'Time Team' gave an illustrated lecture, which was followed by an Anglo-Saxon themed banquet in the National Trust restaurant, a new departure for the restaurant, which has never hosted such an event before.

Dr. Newton proposed all the toasts in Anglo-Saxon. The unique and wonderful celebration evening was concluded, with the traditional final toast of the Order, when the 'Memory of Athelstan, First King of all the English' was proposed, and taken seated & in silence.



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