Conference of the Grand Masters of Masons in North America

masons-north americaThe Grand Master accompanied by the Provincial Grand Master for United States of America, RW Bro. Bryce Hildreth attended the 2014 Conference and annual meeting of the Grand Masters of Masons in North America in Baltimore during the 16-18th February 2014.


In another historic milestone for our Order both were formally presented to the sitting Grand Masters and conference delegates along with many other leaders of other recognised Masonic organisations.


The Conference membership is comprised of the Grand Lodges of the Provinces of Canada, the States of the United States of America, including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, the States of Mexico, and the American-Canadian Grand Lodge of Germany. These Grand Masters represent some 2 million Freemasons in North America.


Recognised Grand Masters from countries throughout the world also attend to join in fellowship and the Conference is the largest gathering of Grand Masters in the world.


MW Bro. Paul Johnston is the first Grand Master from the Masonic Order of Athelstan to be invited to attend and he received a very warm welcome throughout the 2 days he spent in Baltimore and was taken aback by the genuine respect afforded to our Order.