Provincial Grand Court of Wessex 2014

Wessex beehiveThe Annual Assembly of the Provincial Grand Court of Wessex was hosted at Honiton by King Cerdic Court № 82 on Saturday 17th May 2014. The Court's Regular meeting preceded the Provincial meeting.


At the Provincial Assembly RW.Bro. Malcom J. Burns, GCSM re-installed his deputy VW Bro. Brian G Wright, KSM, PGSwdB and continued to Install his Provincial team both in active office and past ranks.


The Photo shows the Provincial Grand Master of Wessex RW Bro. Malcolm J. Burns, GCSM (l) receiving the “Travelling Hive” from The Court of King Cerdic No. 82, presented by the Master of the Court W.Bro. Simon F. Dunn (r) on behalf of all the members of the Court. The design and manufacture of the Hive under the direction of the Province was made by one of the members of the Court Bro. David S. Perkins, MBE.


The purpose of the Hive is to promote fellowship and social interaction between the Courts of Wessex. The host Court, King Cerdic № 82 will start and retain the Hive in safe custody. If another Court wishes to gain possession of the hive they must visit Honiton with a minimum of 5 members of their Court. The Provincial Grand Master hopes that it will encourage Wessex members to visit and support other Courts.


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