Court of St Ithamar of Rochester No.63 - Installation 2014


The Installation meeting of the Court of St Ithamar of Rochester (Province of Australia) on Saturday 5th July took place at the Hawthorn Masonic Centre in Lower Mitchum, a southern suburb of Adelaide and included an address by the APGM on the  47th proposition of Euclid. At the conclusion of the ceremonial, members and visitors were joined by their wives and partners for an enjoyable lunch at the Prince Albert Hotel.


Officers of Court 63


Image, left to right: WBro Bob Brown, Deputy Prov. Grand Marshal; WBro Colin Jones (IPM); Bro Rod Clark (SW); Bro Brian Eves (Deputy Marshal);

WBro Peter Roesler (WM), W&EmBro Bruce Forster ( Prior); WBro Maurice Phillips (Treas); WBro Richard Num, PPGBurgh (Sec); WBro John Fisher (Almoner).

Not pictured, WBro Richard Elkington, PSGD, KSM (APGM Sth) who was taking the photograph!