Consecration of the Court of Hyrnecastre No 102, Horncastle

athelstaninsigniaThe Consecration of the Court of Hyrnecastre No 102 took place in Horncastle on Saturday 20 September in the presence of the Grand Master MWBro PW Johnston, the Assistant Grand Master RWBro Dr C Ansell, and the Provincial Grand Master RWBro RN Dinning.

The Consecration ceremony was performed by the MW Grand Master, having been preceded by the Instruction of founder members by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VWBro W Carlyon.


The Court is the eighth Court in the Province of Lindsey and the event was extremely well attended by Grand Officers, Provincial Officers and brethen of Lindsey and other Provinces. A most memorable Consecration oration was given by the Eminent Grand Prior, RW&Em Bro RC Black.