Court of the East & West No 67, January 2015

EW Jan2015 01The 15th Regular Meeting of The Court of the East and West No. 67 took place at the Court’s new home at Gateshead on Monday 26th January 2015.


The Court was very well attended by members and visitors, but because of business commitments by the candidates (father and son, and both farmers) they were unable to attend.


However, as the new ritual books had been delivered that day, and the Grand Marshal, VWBro. John Watts, KSM was present, it proved an ideal opportunity to have a ‘practice run’ with the new ritual, which was generally agreed to be a welcome improvement!


Three Grand Lodge Certificates were then presented and explained by VWBro. Bill Carlyon KSM, DepProvGM.


Following the closure of the Court, the Brethren retired to The Orchid Chinese Restaurant on the Quayside at Newcastle for an excellent meal.


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