The Coronation Stone Court No 50 - 1 June 2015

Coronation Stone Court 1 June 2015


The regular meeting of the Court held on Monday 1st June 2015 at Surbiton, Surrey was a very successful and happy meeting. The Court having been opened the Master, W Bro Keith Waters, was then pleased to welcome as Joining Members W Bro Ralph Mannings, Bro John Dalley, W Bro Mark Donovan, Bro Paul Hollebone and W Bro Ray Hudson.

The Master then vacated the chair in favour of M W Bro Paul Johnston who then Instructed Bro Stuart MacDonald, a Past Assistant Grand Master (Spain), into the Order in a most exemplary manner to the enjoyment of Bro MacDonald and all those present.

The Brethren later enjoyed an excellent ‘Surbiton’ meal.