The Court of Aldred No 15 - July 2015

Aldred July2015 01


The Court of Aldred No. 15 (Province of Lindsey) met on Monday 6th July 2015 at the Masonic Hall, Chester-le-Street.


The Brethren were delighted to welcome to the Court several visitors from The Court of the East and West No. 67, and also from The Court of Aethelwulf No. 40, Sheffield.


The MWGM, MWBro. Paul Weldon Johnston, PGHCh, GCSM, the ProvGM, RWBro. Raymond Norman Dinning, GCSM and the DProvGM, VWBro William Carlyon PGSwdB, KSM, all members of the Court, were also present, much to the delight of the brethren.


WBro. David Bambrough, a founder, Past Master and previous member of the Court was warmly welcomed back as a member of The Court of Aldred No. 15.


Then followed the Instruction of a new Brother in a very well rehearsed and polished ceremony. Full credit to the Officers of the Court for the time and effort they have invested in order to perform the new ritual so professionally.


The remainder of the Court business was then conducted, including an invitation from WBro. Martin Thatcher, regarding a visit to RAF Scampton in November. Further details will be available in the near future.


The Court was closed at 8 pm, and the members and visitors retired to the dining room for an excellent meal of Soup, Braised Beef and seasonal vegetables, Fresh Fruit with Cream, Cheese Board………plus the customary glass (or two) from the Masters bottle of Port.


Another wonderful evening, great ritual, excellent Festive Board, and most importantly, superb company!


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