Court of Beoferlic No. 59 Installation, July 2015

59 July2015 1


On Thursday 9th July 2015, the Court of Beoferlic No. 59 Installed a new Master into the Chair, very ably assisted by the outgoing Master, WBro. Leslie Roy Jones.

The Court was opened at 6.30 pm, at which point the DProvGM, VWBro. Bill Carlyon, KSM, PGSwdB., RW & Em. Bro. Ron Black, Eminent Grand Prior, and a deputation of Officers from PGL were welcomed into the Court for it’s nineteenth regular meeting.


After the minutes of the previous meeting were approved and confirmed, the main business of the evening was announced as the Installation of Bro. Dr. Ling Yu as Master of the Court of Beoferlic No. 59.


All Officers involved with the Installation should be congratulated for their excellent presentation and high standard of the ritual. Considerable effort and enthusiasm for the work was evident.


Following his Initiation, the Master appointed and invested the Officers for his year as Master, after which a short, but very informative talk was given by Bro. Michael Ogram on the history of Beverley.


The DProvGM, assisted by the RW & Em Bro. Ron Black, presented six Grand Court Certificates to recently joined Brethren.


Upon retiring to the dining room, the Brethren were served an excellent meal, served with great style by the Burghs of the Court.


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