The Court of Hyrnecastre No. 102 - July 2015

102 July2015 1


The Installation Meeting of The Court of Hyrnecastre No. 102 took place on Tuesday 7th July 2015.


The Court was opened punctually at 7 pm, and the DProvGM, VWBro. Bill Carlyon, KSM, PGSwdB, and RW & Em Bro. Ron Black, Eminent Grand Prior, accompanied by a deputation of Officers from Provincial Grand Court were welcomed by the Brethren.


The outgoing Master thanked the Officers he had appointed at his Installation for their hard work during his year in office.


The Installation of Bro. Graham Leslie Arnold being the main business of the evening, the Court was declared a duly constituted Board of Installed Masters. Bro. Arnold was then Obligated and Installed as Master of The Court of Hyrnecastre No 102.


A short talk entitled ‘A Special Grandfather’ was then given by the outgoing Master, WBro. Terry Aldridge, KSM Des. This exceptionally well researched and delivered talk gave a very interesting insight to the special relationship between King Alfred and his grandson, King Athelstan.


The Dept. PGM then had the pleasure of presenting Grand Court Certificates to four recently joined Brethren, giving an interesting and detailed explanation of the design of the certificates.


It was announced that the new ‘Honours Board’ (see photographs) had very kindly been donated to the Court by the outgoing Master, WBro. Terry Aldridge, and that the monies designated for payment for the new board, plus other monies collected, giving a total of £285.00, were to be donated to the Cyningstun 10-90 fund.


Upon closing the Court, the members and visitors attended the Festive Board for an excellent meal.


As always, a very enjoyable evening spent in the company of friendly and entertaining Brethren.


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