Amazing donation by The Court of Lundenburgh-Atte-Clerkenwell, No 64



The regular meeting of the Court of Lundenburgh-Atte-Clerkenwell, No 64, at the Civil Service Club, Great Scotland Yard, London, SW1 on Thursday 3rd September proved to be a very special and exceptional meeting.

The Court was opened by the Master, W Bro Denis Leigh, and upon a report he welcomed the Provincial Grand Master for Essex, R W Bro Brian A Vickers, KSM. R W Bro Vickers was shown the Warrant of the Court and saluted whereupon a further report stated that the Most Worshipful Grand Master demanded entry. The Most Worshipful Grand Master entered the Court to spontaneous and prolonged applause. There then followed a Masonic meeting that will remain in the hearts and minds of all those present for very many years to come. The meeting exhibited everything that is the true essence of Freemasonry; a Brother for Instruction (Bro Donald Egremont) was treated to ritual that was delivered by Brethren of the Court in a most sincere and moving manner with every Brother giving of his very best; a spirit and passion was evident in the Court that showed to all their love of the Order in particular and Freemasonry in general; a most generous donation of £5,000.00 (bringing the Courts total donations to date to the magnificent sum of £6,000.00) was made to Cyningstun 10 -90; and of course the friendship and courtesy that was extended to all the visitors was exceptional. It is evident that the Court works, as a unit, very hard to achieve high standards.


At some future time a Masonic historian will write the history of the first 100 years of our Order. Part of that history will reflect on our Grand Master’s initiative to instigate Cyningstun 10 – 90. It will show that Cyningstun 10 – 90 will have proved to have played a pivotal part in the growth and development of our Order and that the efforts of this Court was instrumental in that success. The Court of Lundenburgh-Atte-Clerkenwell has every reason to feel proud of the manner in which it discharged its various Masonic duties. Not only did it instruct a candidate, Bro Donald Egremont, who will undoubtedly play an active part in the Court for many years to come but it also set a first. The newest member of the Order became the first proud recipient of a Cyningstun 10 – 90 Commemorative Medallion; after which our Grand Master then presented a Commemorative Medallion to every member of the Court.