Ceremonial Robe for the Grand Master

The celebrations of the 10th Anniversary of the Inauguration of our Order did not just include the special meetings of our Appendant Order of the Scarlet Mantle, the annual meeting of Grand Court, the Church Service of Re-Dedication and the Scarlet Mantle Buffet on the Friday evening and the Grand Buffet on the Saturday it also included the presentation of a Ceremonial Robe to the Most Worshipful Grand Master.



R W Bro David Buxton, GHCh, GCSM, Past Deputy Grand Master, was the inspiration and driving force behind the design and presentation of a most splendid Ceremonial Robe designed to reflect the style of Robe worn by King Athelstan. It is a Robe that is befitting to the dignity and prestige of our Order.

 In presenting the Robe to our Grand Master, Most Worshipful Bro Paul W Johnston, R W Bro David stated that the tenth anniversary of the Order was an appropriate time to present a robe that befits the office of Grand Master. R W Bro David added that the brethren from the Court of King Alfred the Great No 79 at Winchester would instantly recognise its design from the huge statue of Alfred at the far end of The Broadway leading from the Guildhall.

 The colours of the robe are predominantly those of the Order being burgundy embellished with the purple and gold of royalty and with a green lining. The robe further prominently displays two Saxon crowns. The brooch to secure the robe was specially commissioned and is a replica of the “Kingston brooch” which was discovered in a cache of early Anglo-Saxon jewellery at Kingston Down in Kent. Whilst not precisely of the Athelstan era it could, nevertheless, have been passed onto and worn by Athelstan, by Alfred or their ancestors. It is a striking jewel and very much enhances the robe.


 R W Bro David, on behalf of the Executive and the Order, had the greatest of pleasure in investing our Grand Master with the new Cloak of his office.