The Court of Dearthington, Oct 2015

103 Oct2015

The meeting of The Court of Dearthington No. 103 on Thursday 15th October 2015 signalled the completion of the Courts’ first successful year.

It also became necessary to choose and Install a new Master, and that position was accepted with great enthusiasm by Bro. David Nigel Hanson, who was duly Installed into the Chair of King Athelstan.

Following his Installation, WBro. Hanson proceeded to appoint and invest his Officers for his year in Office.

This was followed by the Treasurers report, and a proposal by WBro. Derek Dunn, KSM, ProvSGW, that a sum of £200 be donated to the Cyningstun 10-90 event.

Then followed a very interesting talk given by WBro. Kevin Bainbridge, PGBB, entitled ‘Who was King Athelstan’.

Grand Court certificates were presented to WBro. Peter Taylor and Bro. William Chrystal by VWBro. Robert Henderson, KSM, PGMar., who gave a polished explanation of the elements of the certificate.

The Brethren then retired to the dining room to enjoy a very welcome and delicious meal.

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