mwgm lecture 2015


The Grand Master has been invited to deliver the Fall 2015 Truman Lecture at the Missouri Lodge of Research. This very prestigous event will take place on Tuesday 29th September 2015 during the 194th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Missouri at Columbia, MO.


The Grand Master will speak on the subject of "King Athelstan and the possible Anglo-Saxon origin of Speculative Freemasonry".

Details are available on the Missouri Lodge of Research website at




Bro. Mark, who holds the Office of Captain of Guards in the Court of Beoferlic No. 59 was delighted when, in April this year (2015) he was awarded the post nominal decoration of ‘VR’ by the Queen and the Secretary of State for Defence in recognition of the long service he has given to the Army Reserve. The ‘VR’ was given to holders of the ‘VRSM’ (Volunteer Reserve Service Medal), and now replaces the ‘TD’ (Territorial Decoration). Mark commented, “I am very proud of this decoration, and to have served long enough with distinction (18 years) to have received it”.


As current Trumpet Major of the Regiment (150th Transport Regiment, Royal Logistics Corps.), Mark is responsible for the display presentation and performance of the Regimental Fanfare Team, the Brass Quintet and he is also second in command of the Corps of Drums.


Mark regularly performs at many functions the length and breadth of the Country, including the Inverness Military Tattoo, Edinburgh Castle, fanfares for high profile occasions, and performing at Mess’s all around the UK. However, one of his proudest moments was playing for Royalty at Chelsea Hospital.


Mark has also been very fortunate to be engaged to play in many other parts of the world, including Germany, Gibraltar, Sweden and Bavaria. One posting of which he is particularly proud was his tour of duty in the Falkland Islands, where he was present at the Queen’s Birthday Parade through Port Stanley, and was invited to Government House, a very special invitation indeed and not one offered to many people.


Mark is also the proud holder of ‘The Volunteer Reserve Service Medal (VSRM) 1st Clasp’, ‘The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal’ and ‘The Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal’.

102 July2015 1


The Installation Meeting of The Court of Hyrnecastre No. 102 took place on Tuesday 7th July 2015.


The Court was opened punctually at 7 pm, and the DProvGM, VWBro. Bill Carlyon, KSM, PGSwdB, and RW & Em Bro. Ron Black, Eminent Grand Prior, accompanied by a deputation of Officers from Provincial Grand Court were welcomed by the Brethren.


The outgoing Master thanked the Officers he had appointed at his Installation for their hard work during his year in office.


The Installation of Bro. Graham Leslie Arnold being the main business of the evening, the Court was declared a duly constituted Board of Installed Masters. Bro. Arnold was then Obligated and Installed as Master of The Court of Hyrnecastre No 102.


A short talk entitled ‘A Special Grandfather’ was then given by the outgoing Master, WBro. Terry Aldridge, KSM Des. This exceptionally well researched and delivered talk gave a very interesting insight to the special relationship between King Alfred and his grandson, King Athelstan.


The Dept. PGM then had the pleasure of presenting Grand Court Certificates to four recently joined Brethren, giving an interesting and detailed explanation of the design of the certificates.


It was announced that the new ‘Honours Board’ (see photographs) had very kindly been donated to the Court by the outgoing Master, WBro. Terry Aldridge, and that the monies designated for payment for the new board, plus other monies collected, giving a total of £285.00, were to be donated to the Cyningstun 10-90 fund.


Upon closing the Court, the members and visitors attended the Festive Board for an excellent meal.


As always, a very enjoyable evening spent in the company of friendly and entertaining Brethren.


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59 July2015 1


On Thursday 9th July 2015, the Court of Beoferlic No. 59 Installed a new Master into the Chair, very ably assisted by the outgoing Master, WBro. Leslie Roy Jones.

The Court was opened at 6.30 pm, at which point the DProvGM, VWBro. Bill Carlyon, KSM, PGSwdB., RW & Em. Bro. Ron Black, Eminent Grand Prior, and a deputation of Officers from PGL were welcomed into the Court for it’s nineteenth regular meeting.


After the minutes of the previous meeting were approved and confirmed, the main business of the evening was announced as the Installation of Bro. Dr. Ling Yu as Master of the Court of Beoferlic No. 59.


All Officers involved with the Installation should be congratulated for their excellent presentation and high standard of the ritual. Considerable effort and enthusiasm for the work was evident.


Following his Initiation, the Master appointed and invested the Officers for his year as Master, after which a short, but very informative talk was given by Bro. Michael Ogram on the history of Beverley.


The DProvGM, assisted by the RW & Em Bro. Ron Black, presented six Grand Court Certificates to recently joined Brethren.


Upon retiring to the dining room, the Brethren were served an excellent meal, served with great style by the Burghs of the Court.


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Aldred July2015 01


The Court of Aldred No. 15 (Province of Lindsey) met on Monday 6th July 2015 at the Masonic Hall, Chester-le-Street.


The Brethren were delighted to welcome to the Court several visitors from The Court of the East and West No. 67, and also from The Court of Aethelwulf No. 40, Sheffield.


The MWGM, MWBro. Paul Weldon Johnston, PGHCh, GCSM, the ProvGM, RWBro. Raymond Norman Dinning, GCSM and the DProvGM, VWBro William Carlyon PGSwdB, KSM, all members of the Court, were also present, much to the delight of the brethren.


WBro. David Bambrough, a founder, Past Master and previous member of the Court was warmly welcomed back as a member of The Court of Aldred No. 15.


Then followed the Instruction of a new Brother in a very well rehearsed and polished ceremony. Full credit to the Officers of the Court for the time and effort they have invested in order to perform the new ritual so professionally.


The remainder of the Court business was then conducted, including an invitation from WBro. Martin Thatcher, regarding a visit to RAF Scampton in November. Further details will be available in the near future.


The Court was closed at 8 pm, and the members and visitors retired to the dining room for an excellent meal of Soup, Braised Beef and seasonal vegetables, Fresh Fruit with Cream, Cheese Board………plus the customary glass (or two) from the Masters bottle of Port.


Another wonderful evening, great ritual, excellent Festive Board, and most importantly, superb company!


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On Tuesday, 14th July at a special Meeting of the Provincial Grand Court of Sussex held at the Nutfield Masonic Centre in Redhill Surrey, W Bro Lionel Broadbent Mee ProvDepGMar (picture) was Installed as the new Deputy Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Sussex by R W Bro Brian Prevett, Provincial Grand Master. The meeting was hosted by the Archbishop Aethelhelm Court No. 34.

The Court was opened at 5.00pm following which R W Bro Brian Prevett, Provincial Grand Master escorted by W Bro Lee Everett, Provincial Grand Marshal, and accompanied by a large number of Provincial Officers was received and welcomed on his Official Visit to the Court; he assumed the Chair of King Athelstan and opened a special meeting of Provincial Grand Court.

W Bro Lionel Broadbent Mee was escorted into Provincial Grand Court by Masters of Courts within the Province and was duly Installed as Deputy Provincial Grand Master; he was Proclaimed and saluted, to which he suitably responded.

Provincial Grand Court was closed and W Bro Steven Cann, Worshipful Master of the Court resumed the Chair and continued with the business on the agenda.

Grand Court Certificates were presented to Bro Graham McGlashen and Bro Stephen Potts by the R W Provincial Grand Master in an interesting and informative manner.

Before the Closing, the R W Provincial Grand Master encouraged all Brethren to continue supporting the Grand Master's Cyningstun 10-90 project which will commemorate the 10th Anniversary of our Masonic Order and will culminate with a Re-dedication of the Order at a Service at All Saints Church in Kingston and a Banquet for Brethren and family members over the weekend of 6th & 7th November this year.

The R W Provincial Grand Master also thanked R W Bro Roy Leavers, SGW, for his commitment and support during his time as Deputy Provincial Grand Master and also wished him continued success in his role as Senior Grand Warden.

The Worshipful Master welcomed all the visitors and guests - which included R W Bro Brian Coshall, Provincial Grand Master for East Anglia - for their attendance and support of the evening's proceedings.

37 Members, Visitors and Guest later honoured the formal Toasts of the Order at a Convivial Festive Board

Tinan June2015 01


On Friday 26th June 2015, the Court of Tinan No. 71, in the Province of Northumbria installed Bro. Alan Radford as Master of the Court.

The PGM, RWBro. David Railson, supported by a Deputation of Officers from Provincial Grand Court were in attendance, and were made most welcome.

Following his Installation, WBro. Radford appointed the Officers for his year as Master.

A short talk was then given by Bro. Reece Valentine, after which the members and visitors retired to enjoy a wonderful Festive Board.


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40 June2015


The Court of Aethelwulf No. 40 held their annual Installation meeting on Wed. 24th June 2015 at Tapton Masonic Hall, Sheffield.

The Master welcomed The Deputy Provincial Grand Master for Lindsey, VWBro. Bill Carlyon, KSM, and a deputation of officers from Provincial Grand Court.

WBro Mathew Johnson was delighted to be placed in the chair for his second year as Master of the Court; he then appointed and invested his Officers for the forthcoming year. A very interesting talk entitled ‘King Aethelwulf’s Place in History’ was then given, and the members and visitors retired to the dining room for an excellent meal.

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Coronation Stone Court 1 June 2015


The regular meeting of the Court held on Monday 1st June 2015 at Surbiton, Surrey was a very successful and happy meeting. The Court having been opened the Master, W Bro Keith Waters, was then pleased to welcome as Joining Members W Bro Ralph Mannings, Bro John Dalley, W Bro Mark Donovan, Bro Paul Hollebone and W Bro Ray Hudson.

The Master then vacated the chair in favour of M W Bro Paul Johnston who then Instructed Bro Stuart MacDonald, a Past Assistant Grand Master (Spain), into the Order in a most exemplary manner to the enjoyment of Bro MacDonald and all those present.

The Brethren later enjoyed an excellent ‘Surbiton’ meal.