Humbre77-inst2014Humbre Court No. 77 held its annual installation on Thursday 23rd October 2014, during which the outgoing Master, W.Bro. Bob Wallace had the pleasing duty of placing Bro. Adrian Rounce into the Masters chair.


In addition to the Court officers, W.Bro. Wallace was also ably assisted by VW Bro. Tony Burke and W.Bro. John Broughton.


A short talk entitled 'Masonry's fist Royal Patron' was given by Bro. Ken Eyre, which proved very enlightening in many ways, and illustrated the effort and enthusiasm Ken has invested in his research of the subject.


We wish Adrian a most successful and enjoyable year as Master of Humbre Court No. 77., and feel sure that he will prove to be a great asset to the Court.


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The Annual Assembly of the Grand Court was held at Leicester on 24 & 25 October 2014, and attracted the highest number of brethren to date. 160 sat down to dine after the proceedings on the Saturday, with dinner after the meeting of the Appendant Order of the Scarlet Mantle the previous evening attended by 70 brethren. We congratulate those promoted or appointed at this most memorable occasion. Below is reproduced the text of the address of the MW Grand Master to the Grand Court, with a few "hot off the press" images. Hover your mouse over an image to view an enlarged version. More images from the day and also the meeting of the Appendant Order of the Scarlet Mantle on 24 October are available in the members picture gallery after logging in. We thank Bro Mel Herbert KSM for all these images.

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coronationstone-oct14The Coronation Stone Court N° 50 held a double instruction ceremony on the 27th of October 2014 at Surbiton Masonic Centre in the Province of Sussex.


This occasion was enhanced further by our MW Grand Master taking the chair and delivering a superb ceremony in a professional and lighthearted manner. The Coronation Stone Court is one of three Courts that are associated with important events in the life of King Athelstan and had the number 50 reserved for this. It was also minuted that on that very day it was exactly 1075 years since Athelstan's passing.


rwbros patel and jefferiesAfter many years distinguished service, RW Bro. Lt. Frank Morris Jefferies, RN. Rtd, GCSM (picture, right) and RW Bro. Dr Ghanshyam M. Patel, PGCh, GCSM (picture, left) have informed the Grand Master of their wish to retire from office coincident with the Annual Assembly on 25th October 2014.

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dearthingtonSaturday 11th October 2014 was the chosen date for the consecration of the Court of Dearthington No. 103. This is the ninth and latest Court to be formed in the Province of Lindsey, which next year will see the tenth and final Court joining the Province.

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court67On the 3rd September 2014, the annual Installation of the Court of the East and West No. 67 took place at their new home of Gateshead Masonic Hall. A full write up and pictures can be viewed in the members picture gallery after logging in.



aldred 7 7 14On Monday 7th July 2014, the members of the Court of Aldred No. 15 were honoured with the presence of the Grand Master, Provincial Grand Master. and Deputy Provincial Grand Master plus the Provincial Grand Master of Northumbria.

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