Stewart Clarkrugby-rose (pictured) of The Court of Aldred No 15 Captained the English Masonic Rugby Team to win against the Scottish Masonic Rugby Team at Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh on Saturday 9th, August, 2014. The day itself raised around £1600 for charity and with donations still coming in it is hoped that figure will rise to around £2000.


It is also hoped to continue rugby events with a return matched planned for next year and other fixtures for both the Northumberland, Durham Craft provinces and the combined side in the future.


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ath-smThe Annual assembly of the Grand Court will be held in Leicester on Saturday 25 October 2014. The summons has been issued and a copy may be downloaded by clicking here.


As last year, the annual investiture meeting of the Appendant Order of the Scarlet Mantle will be held on the previous afternoon, Friday 24 October, and members of the Appendant Order are requested to mark the date in their diaries. A separate summons for that meeting will be issued to members of the Appendant Order.


The Installation meeting of the Court of St Ithamar of Rochester (Province of Australia) on Saturday 5th July took place at the Hawthorn Masonic Centre in Lower Mitchum, a southern suburb of Adelaide and included an address by the APGM on the  47th proposition of Euclid. At the conclusion of the ceremonial, members and visitors were joined by their wives and partners for an enjoyable lunch at the Prince Albert Hotel.


Officers of Court 63


Image, left to right: WBro Bob Brown, Deputy Prov. Grand Marshal; WBro Colin Jones (IPM); Bro Rod Clark (SW); Bro Brian Eves (Deputy Marshal);

WBro Peter Roesler (WM), W&EmBro Bruce Forster ( Prior); WBro Maurice Phillips (Treas); WBro Richard Num, PPGBurgh (Sec); WBro John Fisher (Almoner).

Not pictured, WBro Richard Elkington, PSGD, KSM (APGM Sth) who was taking the photograph!

Diss 05 July 2014On Saturday 5 July 2014, RWBro Brian William Coshall (image, left) was installed as the fourth Provincial Grand Master of East Anglia at Diss by the Assistant Grand Master in Charge, RWBro Dr Christopher Ansell. RWBro Brian had been Deputy Provincial Grand Master for the Province since 2013.


This very well subscribed event - over 75 brethren attending - also saw the Installation of VWBro Nicholas Le Grys (image, right) formerly Provincial Grand Secretary, as Deputy Provincial Grand Master. The event was honored by the presence of the Grand Master, MWBro Paul Johnston, (image, centre) who in the course of proceedings promoted three brethren of the Order to the rank of Past Grand Sword Bearer - VWBros Nicholas Le Grys, newly installed Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Roy Leavers (Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Sussex) and Richard Goodwin (Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Essex). RWBro Brian Coshall appointed WBro Ian McLachlan to succeed VWBro Le Grys as East Anglian Provincial Grand Secretary.


The meeting was followed by the Installation meeting of the Court of St Edmund No 76 where WBro Peter H Rollin installed WBro Andrew Pryke as Master.


Further images from the event can be viewed in the members picture gallery after logging in.


athelstaninsigniaA new Court of Athelstan is to be consecrated in Horncastle in Lincolnshire on Saturday 20th September 2014 in the Province of Lindsey. The Court name is to be the Court of Hyrnecastre, the old Saxon name for Horncastle and the number will be 102. The Primus Master is to be W&EmBro Terry Aldridge who is currently Eminent Prior of Humbre Court No 77 in Goole, where he was a unique founder.


Further information and details will be available nearer the time.


1st June 2014 sees the commencement of a new electronic newsletter for the Masonic Order of Athelstan, which we hope will be of value to members.


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Wessex beehiveThe Annual Assembly of the Provincial Grand Court of Wessex was hosted at Honiton by King Cerdic Court № 82 on Saturday 17th May 2014. The Court's Regular meeting preceded the Provincial meeting.


At the Provincial Assembly RW.Bro. Malcom J. Burns, GCSM re-installed his deputy VW Bro. Brian G Wright, KSM, PGSwdB and continued to Install his Provincial team both in active office and past ranks.


The Photo shows the Provincial Grand Master of Wessex RW Bro. Malcolm J. Burns, GCSM (l) receiving the “Travelling Hive” from The Court of King Cerdic No. 82, presented by the Master of the Court W.Bro. Simon F. Dunn (r) on behalf of all the members of the Court. The design and manufacture of the Hive under the direction of the Province was made by one of the members of the Court Bro. David S. Perkins, MBE.


The purpose of the Hive is to promote fellowship and social interaction between the Courts of Wessex. The host Court, King Cerdic № 82 will start and retain the Hive in safe custody. If another Court wishes to gain possession of the hive they must visit Honiton with a minimum of 5 members of their Court. The Provincial Grand Master hopes that it will encourage Wessex members to visit and support other Courts.


More pictures from the day may be viewed in the members picture gallery after logging in.

Masonic hallBecause of the ethnic mix of the membership, The Court of the East and West divide their festive board menu between Indian, Chinese and traditional cuisine.


The April meeting being held on, or close to, St. George’s day, is ‘themed’ to that celebration, and is therefore the traditional meeting and menu. However, this meeting was not only memorable for that event, but because of the sale of the building, it was also the last meeting of this Court to be held in the Washington Masonic Hall.


The Court is proving to be a great success, Instructing two new members, Bro. Neil Kevin Garrett and Bro. Christopher John Patrick Burgess, whom we are sure, will have a long and happy association with the Court.


The Master of the Court, W. Bro. Matthew Bainbridge, was delighted to welcome R. W. Bro. Dr. Christopher Ansell (Ass. Grand Master), V. W. Bro. William Henry Carlyon (Dept. Prov. G.M.) and R. W. and Em. Bro. Cannon Ron Black (Grand and Prov. Prior), together with other very welcome visitors from various Courts, from within and outside the Province of Lindsey, who had all travelled considerable distances on a very foggy evening. We hope they all had a safe, but no doubt long journey home, due to the weather conditions.


Lisa and Chris, the caterer’s for the hall, produced an exceptional four course meal, the main being Beef Wellington. Lisa was presented with a huge bouquet of flowers, and Chris received a bottle of fine single malt whisky as a sign of appreciation from the members of the Court. Lisa allowed everyone to smell her lovely flowers, but Chris flatly refused to give the members a taste of his gift!


Harmony was again supplied by the Court’s favourite duo, Linda and Margaret, who involved the members in some rousing patriotic songs, in addition to performing a selection of other favourite numbers.


Despite the success of the evening, there was also a sad and emotional element, this being the last Masonic meeting to be held in this building. Future meetings of the Court will be held at Birtley Masonic Hall, but some of the meeting dates will change, so visitors are advised to check before travelling.


Pictures from the event are viewable in the members picture gallery after logging in.