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The annual meeting of the Grand Court was held on 28 October 2017 at Leicester, with the annual investiture for new Knights of the Scarlet Mantle held on the 27th, along with the newly consecrated Rex Brittanicus Conclave of Pilgrim Preceptors.

A highlight of the Grand Court meeting was the investiture of RWBro Roy Leavers (picture, left) as Assistant Grand Master.

Read the Grand Master's address to Grand Court here.

We thank WBro Bob Tuthill KSM for these images from these events.

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During a visit to USA the Grand Master attended the October meeting of North Carolina Court No 73 where he invested RWBro David Hargett jr. KCSM PSGW as Knight Grand Cross of the Scarlet Mantle (GCSM).

Pictured L-R: WBro David Ladd KSM, RWBro Bryce Hildreth GCSM (PGM USA), RWBro David Hargett jr. (seated), MWBro Paul Weldon Johnston GM, RWBro Allen Suratt GCh GCSM (AsstGM for North America).

magonseatan rulers2017

The 2017 assembly of the Province of Magonsaetan was held on Saturday 23 September at Leominster. A packed Provincial Grand Court witnessed the reconstitution of the Province and the installation of WBro Iain Sewell (picture, left) as Deputy Provincial Grand Master by RWBro Sean Crutchley KCSM, Provincial Grand Master (picture, right).

The reconsitution Proclamation, which redefines the Province as emcompassing all of Wales, was read by RWBro Roy Leavers GCSM, Grand Secretary.

A full list of newly appointed active officers in the reconstituted Province may be read here.

The ceremonial was followed by a most convivial lunch.

Leeds and District Lodge of Installed Masters 7918

Photo taken at Castle Grove Masonic Centre in Leeds when six members of the Order of Athelstan attended a very enjoyable evening at Leeds and District Lodge of Installed Masters No 7918.

Their attendance was particularly special as the speaker for the evening was RWBro Bharat Epur who delivered a lecture entitled "An examination into the many names given in our rituals to The Almighty"

Pictured Left to Right

  • VWBro Ian Scott (Grand Sword Bearer)
  • RWBro Bharat Epur (ProvGM Southern India)
  • WBro Rhamesh Khetani (WM of Lodge 7918 and Primus WM of Court 90)
  • WBro Matthew Simms (WM of The Thegns of Loidis Court No 90)
  • MWBro Paul Johnston (Grand Master)
  • WBro Paul Clarke (Craft APGM Yorks West Riding and PProvSGD, Lindsey)



Sep 23
Provincial Grand Court of Magonsaetan and re-constitution of the Province at Leominster

Oct 14
Mercia - Re-constitution of the Province and installation of the Provincial Grand Master at Burton-on-Trent

Oct 23
Consecration of Sectio Aurea Court No 125 at Surbiton

Oct 27
Order of the Scarlet Mantle at Leicester

Oct 28
Annual Assembly of the Grand Court at Leicester

Nov 4
East Anglia - Installation of Provincial Grand Master at Diss

Nov 16
Essex - Installation of Provincial Grand Master at Letchworth

Nov 25
Lindsey - Re-constitution of the Province and installation of the Provincial Grand Master at Bourne

Dec 2
Provincial Grand Court of Kent at Gillingham

Dec 6
Consecration of Court of Wiht-Land No 123 at Cowes


Jan 13
Northumbria - Re-constitution of the Province and installation of the Provincial Grand Master at Leyland
South Rheged - Constitution of the Province and installation of the Provincial Grand Master at Leyland


RWBro Richard Elkington KCSM, Provincial Grand Master for the Athelstan Province of Australia,has been elected the next Deputy Grand Master of Freemasons Victoria. This election will be formally announced at the Quarterly Communication on 20 September 2017 at Morwell and RWBro. Richard will be installed as Deputy Grand Master at the Grand Installation on 7 April 2018.

I am sure all members of the Order will be delighted at his preferment and join us in congratulating RWBro. Richard on his election.

iowa celebration

The Grand Master of The Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of Iowa, Most Worshipful Brother  Kenneth A. Hurmence, has invited our Grand Master to assist in their celebrations of the 300th anniversary of the world’s first Grand Lodge for freemasons.

The Masons of Iowa will pay tribute to this auspicious occasion with a historic celebration on Saturday June 24, 2017 in Des Moines, when Most Worshipful Brother Paul W. Johnston will demonstrate an ancient and extended version of the ‘Master’s Degree’ better known as the ‘Inner Workings’ to an assembly of over 350 Past Masters. He will be assisted by Right Worshipful Brother  Bryce Hildreth, Worshipful Brother John Klaus from the Province of the USA and Worshipful Brothers Chris Hatton, Simon Polkinghorne and Bro Graham Hancock from England.

I am sure that we all wish them all a very happy and succesful time in the USA.


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