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Tonight (23/2/17) RWBro Jose Guillermo Mendoza, GCh GCSM, Primus Assistant Grand Master in charge of Latin America and Primus ProvGM of the Province of Bolivia, (image: 3rd from left) installed RWBro Mario Raúl Cabrera Ruiz, PSGW (Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Bolivia) as the new Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Court of Bolivia. The new ProvGM then reappointed and installed RWBro Jorge Arze Escobar, PSGW (Grand Master in title of the Grand Lodge of Bolivia) as DeputyPGM and the Provincial Grand Officers of Bolivia.

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It was a red-letter day within the Province of Essex when the Grand Master, accompanied by his team, consecrated the new court in Upminster on Monday 30th January 2017.

 It was an early start, with Provincial Grand Court being opened by the Provincial Grand Master at 0900 at which the Instruction Ceremony for the fourteen founders, who were not already Court Master Masons, was conducted by RW Bro. Roy Leavers and W Bro. Martin Bates. The Provincial Grand Master then conducted the Entrusting Ceremony for the Primus Immediate Past Master, Bro. John Simons, ably assisted by W Bro. Simon Walsh.

Grand Court was opened by the Most Worshipful Grand Master at 11.30 a.m., when he proceeded to conduct the Ceremony of Consecration in his customary dignified and impeccable manner.

The meeting was attended by a total of thirty four founders and thirty nine other brethren including the Grand Master’s Consecrating Team and other brethren from within the Province and from other Provinces, who enjoyed an excellent lunch, which was honoured by the presence of Right Worshipful Brother Rodney Bass, Provincial Grand Master for the Craft in Essex; all in all a splendid day which was enjoyed by all present.


The Annual Assembly of the Province of Northumbria will be held on Friday 23 June 2017, immediately after the Installation Meeting of Court of Tinan.
Further details will be available nearer the time.


Congratulations to Bro Richard Tucker, founder and Marshal of Dearthington Court, who has been honoured in the New Years Honours list with an MBE for Services to Business and the Community.

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The 2017 Yearbook of the Order is now available for download by members after logging in, either by visiting the link at the foot of this page, or visiting the members download area.

Please send all corrections for the 2018 edition to the Deputy Grand Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


On Wednesday 25th January 2017 at a special meeting of the Lodge of Anchor and Hope, No 1, (which is currently in its 244th year) to be held at 19 Park Street, Kolkata, R W Bro Bharat Epur, KCSM, Provincial Grand Master for Southern India will receive the 'Order of Service to Freemasonry’ from M W Bro Harcharan Singh Ranauta, O.S.M., Grand Master for the Grand Lodge of India.

The Order wishes R W Bro Bharat Epur sincere congratulations on achieving this most prestigious of awards.


As this joyous season of Christmas approaches we ask that the Supreme Being may pour out His blessings on us, our families and loved ones. May peace and joy be with us all and the New Year be a time of health and happiness keeping us in mind of those less fortunate than ourselves.

R. W. and Em. Bro. Canon Ron. Black, GCSM
December 2016


On Friday 2nd December 2016 the Grand Secretary, R W Bro Roy Leavers, attended All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames and presented Father Jonathan Wilks with cheques from:

  • Grand Court in the sum of £400.00 for the benefit of those in need
  • The Coronation Stone Court, No 50, in the sum of £50.00 for the benefit of those in need
  • Wychbury Court, No 23, in the sum of £300.00 for the benefit of Cyningstun 10 – 90 Appeal

In receiving these cheques Father Jonathan thanked the Brethren for their continued support that they, and our Order gives to All Saints Church wishing each and every member of the Order, their wives, families and friends a very happy Christmas and New Year.

Father Jonathan also expressed his hope that at some future time our Order will once again be able to hold a Service of Re-Dedication in the Church.


At the 2016 meeting of the Grand Court, the Most Worshipful Grand Master introduced the Grand Master’s Distinguished Certificate of Merit as an award in his gift to be the ‘Ne Plus Ultra’ of the Masonic Order of Athelstan. As befits such a high, meritorious and prestigious award recipients shall be allowed to have the denomination CofM placed immediately after their names and any civil award, and before any ranks held in the Order of Athelstan and the Appendant Order of the Scarlet Mantle. The designation is applicable only within the context of the Masonic Order of Athelstan.

At the 2016 meeting of the Grand Court, the Most Worshipful Grand Master was pleased to award the Certificate of Merit to the following worthy brethren:

  • R W Bro Dr John Benjamin Lloyd, OStJ, CofM, GCh, GCSM, Deputy Grand Master
  • R W Bro David Buxton, CofM, PGHCh, GCSM, Past Deputy Grand Master
  • R W Bro Raymond Norman Dinning, CofM, GCSM, Past Provincial Grand Master of Lindsey