insiginaTuesday, 11th October 2016 saw the Grand Master, MW Bro Paul Weldon Johnston, PGHCh, GCSM as Presiding and Consecrating Officer at the Consecration of The Sword of Constantine Court No. 120 at the Croydon & District Masonic Hall. He was assisted by RW Bro Dr John Lloyd, GCSM, Deputy Grand Master, RW & Em Bro Canon Ronald Black, KCSM, Grand Prior and other Officers of Grand Court - many of whom had travelled from distant parts of England to share in the proceedings of this very special event.

Despite the train strikes and heavy traffic problems, a total of 65 Brethren turned out in good time to support this special event which saw the 120th Court of the Order being Consecrated at Croydon Masonic Hall - this also heralded the 10th Court in the Athelstan Province of Sussex.

The Proceedings commenced at 10.00 am with an Instruction ceremony for the Founders who were new to the Order. The ceremony was conducted by the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Lionel Mee, KSM and the Provincial Officers of Sussex who were also assisted by RW Bro Roy Leavers, GCSM, PSGW, Grand Secretary, and other members of Grand Court.

After the Instruction ceremony there was a break for a luncheon at an excellent Festive Board which was enjoyed by all those Brethren present.

At 2:30pm the Brethren were honoured to receive the MW Grand Master and his team of Officers of Grand Court who carried out the Consecration Ceremony of the new court in an excellent and moving manner.

The Provincial Grand Master then Installed W Bro Ian Nelson Clark as the Primus Master of the new court who then appointed and invested the First Officers of the Court.

We wish the new Court every success for the future and look forward to the camaraderie of its members at their next meeting.

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The Right Worshipful Grand High Chancellor and the Most Worshipful Grand Master are pleased to announce the following appointments and promotions within the Appendant Order of the Scarlet Mantle. Brethren will receive their appointment or promotion at a meeting of the Appendant Order on Friday 21 October 2016 at Leicester, to which all members of the Appendant Order will be duly summoned. The nominating Province is indicated after each recipient.

To be appointed and invested as Grand High Chancellor:

RWBro Dr Christopher WG Ansell, GCh, GCSM, AGM

To receive the accolade of Knight of the Scarlet Mantle (KSM)

Matthew Bainbridge (Lindsey)
Charles Barrett (Kent)
Craig Brown (Lindsey)
A P Chitra (S India)
Brian Coshall (East Anglia)
Mark P Donovan (Sussex)
John Evans (Magonsaetan)
Gerald Foulger (East Anglia)
John C W Hickman (Sussex)
Graham S Johnston (Mercia)
Ruben Levy (USA)
Christopher G Maiden (Wessex)
Jose G Mendoza (Bolivia)
Bryan E Miller (Australia)
Stephen Norman (East Anglia)
Anthony D Parkinson (Mercia)
David Railson (Northumbria)
Alan Smith (Magonsaetan)

To receive promotion to Knight Commander of the Scarlet Mantle (KCSM)

Edward T Allcock (Mercia)
William H Carlyon (Lindsey)
Edward Casey (Northumbria)
Shaun Crutchley (Magonsaetan)
Derek Dunn (Lindsey)
Richard Elkington (Australia)
Bharat V Epur (S India)
Ian Scott (Northumbria)

To receive promotion to Knight Grand Cross of the Scarlet Mantle (GCSM)

Ronald C Black (Lindsey)
Derek Broderick (Lindsey)
David Hargett Jr (USA)
Bryce Hildreth (USA)


The Grand Master, M W Bro Paul W Johnston, PGHCh, GCSM, will be honouring the following Brethren at annual meeting of Grand Court on Saturday 22nd October 2016.

 Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master: Dr John B Lloyd OStJ, GCh, GCSM

Eminent Grand Prior Ronald Calderwood Black, KCSM
Senior Grand Warden Christopher Gavin Maiden
Junior Grand Warden Peter Ernst Ribi
President of the Grand Witan Benjamin Addy, GCSM
President of the DAC Comm Peter Hamilton Rollin
Grand Secretary Roy William Leavers, GCSM
Grand Registrar Anthony Burke, GCSM
Grand Treasurer Derek Nigel Broderick, KCSM
Grand Marshal John David Watts, GCSM
Grand Sword Bearer Ian Harold Scott, KSM
Grand Lecturer Frederick Charles Lomax, KSM
Grand High Almoner Mervyn Samuel Western, KCSM
Deputy Eminent Grand Prior Robert Downs
Dep Pres of the DAC Comm John Raymond Collison
Deputy Grand Secretary Kenneth Barrington Chalkley, MBE
Deputy Grand Marshal Simon Stuart Walsh
Deputy Grand Marshal Gerald Anthony G Barker
Deputy Grand Marshal Brian Clifford Warham
Deputy Grand Sword Bearer Kenneth Alfred Ellis
Senior Grand Deacon Paul Leo Saunders
Junior Grand Deacon Craig Alder Brown
Grand Organist Wayne Buffet Warlow
Deputy Grand Organist Clive Warham
Grand Banner Bearer John Stanley Broughton
Deputy Grand Banner Bearer Martin Thatcher
Grand Captain of the Guards Barry Alexander Jones
Dep Grand Capt of the Guards Alfred John Prime
Grand Burgh Ivor Cook
Grand Burgh Doriapandan Raja
Grand Burgh Arvind Prasad Chitra
Grand Guard Derek Dunn, KSM
Deputy Grand Guard Jason Cameron-Potter



Past Junior Grand Warden Derek Nigel Broderick, KCSM
Past Grand Sword Bearer Thomas William Urwin, KSM
Past Junior Grand Deacon Henry Michael Philpot



Past Senior Grand Warden Orville Robert Armstrong
Past Senior Grand Warden Balaram Biswakumar
Past Senior Grand Warden Satoru Tashiro
Past Junior Grand Warden Donald Leo McAndrews
Past Grand Sword Bearer Charles Jonathan Aspinell
Past Grand Sword Bearer Graham Charles King
Past Grand Sword Bearer Abraham Markos
Past Grand Sword Bearer Andrew Christopher Sweeney
Past Senior Grand Deacon Vishwa Nath Chandla
Past Senior Grand Deacon Ian Trevor Dudley Smith
Past Senior Grand Deacon Narasimham Varanasi
Past Junior Grand Deacon Christopher Francis Hatton
Past Junior Grand Deacon Simon Edwin Polkinghorne
Past Junior Grand Deacon Phillip Colin Weatherall
Past Grand Banner Bearer Abraham Solomon Ben Roy
Past Grand Banner Bearer Emlyn John Carter
Past Grand Banner Bearer Wayne Dyer
Past Grand Banner Bearer Trevor Warren Holmes
Past Grand Banner Bearer Pokalath Vijay Kumar
Past Grand Banner Bearer Michael Smith
Past Grand Banner Bearer Kakkara Madathil Sukumaran
Past Grand Capt of the Guards John Frederick Callaghan
Past Grand Burgh Ross John Everett
Past Grand Burgh James Francis George Leach
Past Grand Burgh Clive Benjamin Taylor
Past Grand Guard Reinhard Klaus Amende
Past Grand Guard William Haslam



The Most Worshipful Grand Master has granted a Petition for a new Court of the Order, to be called:

‘The Sword of Constantine Court’

which will meet at Croydon, Surrey.

The Consecration will take place on Tuesday 11th October 2016 at Croydon.

The Most Worshipful Grand Master has, subject to the submission of the Petition, also approved a further new Court of the Order, to be called:

‘Upmunstra Court’

which will meet at Upminster, Greater London.

The Consecration will take place on Monday 30th January 2017 at Upminster.

Further information will be forthcoming on both these important events over the coming weeks.

chevalier ramsay lecturer jewel

A reminder to all brethren of the Order that entries for the Chevalier Ramsay Lecture 2016 must be submitted before the 30th September, 2016 to the Grand Lecturer in the format prescribed below. Previous entries may be re-submitted.

The winner will be required to present his paper at the Order's Annual Assembly to be held on 22 October 2016 at Leicester.

These are the guidelines for the entry of a paper for the competition:

  • The paper must be on a Masonic topic of interest and does not necessarily need to be confined to the Order of Athelstan.
  • It should preferably be presented via e-mail to the Grand Lecturer and can be sent at any time.
  • The paper should not be more than 1800 words, entries above that figure will not be considered. There is limited time for presentation at the Annual Assembly and papers must therefore be limited to 15-20 mins duration and no more.
  • Entries should be on A4 paper using Arial font size 11 accompanied by full contact details of the entrant including e-mail, telephone number and full home address.
  • On submission, the author must disclose to the Grand Lecturer any prior publication or delivery of the paper.

Please submit to the Grand Lecturer, VWBro FC Lomax, by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Grand Master visits Museum at FMH 2016 7

The first reunion meeting of the Cyningstun 10 – 90 Committee was held on Tuesday 5th July 2016 at Armoury House in the City of London. The Committee were pleased to have as Guests of Honour, the Grand Master , M W Bro Paul W Johnston, PGHChc, GCSM and Father Jonathan Wilkes , Rector of All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames.

After a superb Luncheon the Committee and the Grand Master attended Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street, and visited the Museum. A very fitting end to an excellent day.

  • Grand-Master-visits-Museum-at-FMH-2016-1
  • Grand-Master-visits-Museum-at-FMH-2016-2
  • Grand-Master-visits-Museum-at-FMH-2016-3
  • Grand-Master-visits-Museum-at-FMH-2016-4
  • Grand-Master-visits-Museum-at-FMH-2016-5
  • Grand-Master-visits-Museum-at-FMH-2016-6
  • Grand-Master-visits-Museum-at-FMH-2016-7

No 50 06 06 16

At Surbiton, Surrey on Monday 6th June 2016 the Brethren present received a lecture from M Ill Bro Stephen M Ayres, Grand Master of the Masonic Order of Pilgrim Preceptors. M Ill Bro Stephen gave a very informative resume of the history of the Order, its growth, structure and an outline of the ritual to the delight of all present. At the conclusion of which the Deputy Master thanked M Ill Bro Stephen on the presentation, which was echoed by the Brethren with spontaneous applause. M Ill Bro Stephen later joined the Brethren for a superb meal.

UGLE museum 2

At the April 2016 meeting of The Great Priory of Knights Templar held in The Grand Temple at Great Queen Street, London several members of the Masonic Order of Athelstan received Knight Templar appointments. David Railson, PGM Northumbria was promoted and first Great rank conferred upon Bob Tuthill KSM and Ray Hudson, DepPGM Kent.

In addition, our Junior Grand Warden Noel Grout P 2nd Gt Const was re-elected to the Appeals Panel and the President of our DA&C Committee, Peter Rollin P 2nd Gt Const was re-elected to the Grand Masters Council.

Some of our members took the opportunity to visit the UGLE Library and Museum of Freemasonry and after browsing a temporary exhibition celebrating the Ter-Centenary in 2017 were delighted to see a display case dedicated to the Masonic Order of Athelstan. It contains aprons of a Court Master Mason, a Provincial officer, a Grand Officer and the original apron of the Most Worshipful Grand Master, who now wears a new apron presented to him as part of our 10th anniversary celebration weekend in 2015.

An introduction to the display contains the following words “The additional orders of freemasonry mostly date from the 1700s and 1800s but Freemasonry in England continues to develop to meet the needs of its members and new orders are still being created. These all require members to be freemasons in good standing under the United Grand Lodge of England. The Masonic Order of Athelstan …. uses non Biblical imagery and is a new order in its structure and ritual."

All our members are encouraged to visit the museum and view our dedicated display next time they are in London.

  • UGLE-museum-1
  • UGLE-museum-10
  • UGLE-museum-2
  • UGLE-museum-3
  • UGLE-museum-4
  • UGLE-museum-5
  • UGLE-museum-6
  • UGLE-museum-7
  • UGLE-museum-8
  • UGLE-museum-9

Cyningstun 10 90 a further donation

The generosity of the Brethren of the Order knows no bounds. Nearly six months after the 10th Anniversary celebrations of the inauguration of the Order R W Bro Roy Leavers, Grand Secretary (picture right), and R W Bro Noel Grout, Junior Grand Warden, the Chairman and Deputy Chairman respectively of Cyningstun 10 – 90 (picture left), again attended All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames. On Monday 25th April 2016 they were able to make a further donation, on behalf of the Order, to Father Jonathan Wilkes (picture centre) in the sum of £2,700.00; the total donations are now the magnificent sum of £60,200.00. In accepting the donation Father Jonathan once again thanked the generosity and support of the Masonic Order of Athelstan and hopes that if our Brethren, wives and families are in Kingston to take time and visit All Saints Church; where they will be most warmly welcome.