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Bloody Run Court

Congratulations to all the brethren of the newest Court in the Province of the USA - Bloody Run Court No 127 was consecrated in Everett, Pennsylvania on 16 June by a team from the Provincial Grand Court of the USA.

greece b 2018 06

Our Grand Court Team have concluded their duties in Athens where they have been assisting the Most Worshipful Grand Master Paul W Johnston consecrate 2 further Courts, constitute the Province of Greece and install the Primus PGM and DepPGM.

The team consisted of:-

  • As Grand Prior W&EBro Louis Keats DepGPrior
  • As SGW RWBro John D Watts GReg
  • As JGW VWBro Ian H Scott PGSwdB
  • GSec VWBro Barry Chalkley
  • As GMar WBro Peter Ronan DepGMar
  • GSwdB VWBro Derek Dunn
  • As DepGMar WBro Ian Dixon PJGD
  • As SGD WBro Nigel Harding DepPresDAC
  • As JGD WBro Gerald Spencer PDepGSec
  • As GOrganist Bro Christos Pouris, JD Court125
  • GBB WBro John Broughton
  • As GCofGuards W&EBro Alan Hume PPrGPrior Northumbria
  • GGuard WBro Stephen Kearns

The final day, Sunday 17th June commenced with the Consecration of the 3rd Court to meet in Athens, Euclidean Court No129 which will be Greek speaking (the other 2 Athens Courts to be English speaking).

It was a particular delight that the current Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Greece was a founder of Euclidean Court and he graced us with his presence at all Athelstan meetings over the 2 days accompanied by his immediate predecessor Grand Master.

After the Primus Master WBro Andreas Papagannis and his Officers were Installed a presentation was made to the MWBro Paul Johnston, Grand Master, of an enamelled tile as a memento of the occasion.

Following a short break all resumed in the Apollo Temple of the Athens Archenon Street masonic hall where the Province of Greece was Constituted and RWBro Constantin Stephanides Installed as Primus PGM for Greece who in turn appointed and invested WBro Maximos Kanetis as DepPGM.

A splendid lunch followed in the refectory of the masonic hall after which all the brethren visiting from England were presented with a commemorative Jewel and a book about the Acropolis which many had made tome to visit between their Masonic duty.

Tomorrow the Greek hosts have arranged a full day excursion to the historic temple of Apollo at Delphi for those who do not have to return to England immediately and it is hoped the storms which brought a deluge to Athens whilst they were inside the Masonic Hall will have cleared so they can enjoy a well deserved day in the Hellenic summer.

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greece 2018 04

On Saturday 16 June 2018 a UK delegation of Grand Officers witnessed a near perfect ceremony of Instruction of 22 new members into the Order in Athens, conducted by the WM and Officers of Sectio Aurea Court No 125. During the afternoon the Grand Master consecrated Pythagorean Court No 128 in the presence of the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Greece.

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glmmm 2018 01

The Order of Athelstan congratulates our members who participated in and were appointed to Grand Rank at the Annual Investiture of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons on Tuesday 12th June 2018 held in The Grand Temple of Freemasons Hall, Great Queen St. London.

In opening Grand Lodge first words of The Grand Master HRH Prince Michael of Kent were to the Worshipful Deputy Master of Coronation Stone Court No50 William Burr on duty in the West fulfilling his duty as Grand Inner Guard.

The following Athelstan members received Grand Mark Rank:-

  • Grand Sword Bearer: Roger Freeman (PGM Dumnonia)
  • Grand Senior Deacon: Dr Alan Beckerton (PProvGMar Mercia)
  • Grand Senior Deacon: Terrence Porter (Spain)
  • Grand Junior Deacon: Richard Goodwin (DepPGM Essex)
  • Reappointed AsstGChap: Justin Parker (WM of Wychbury Court No 23)
  • Past Grand Standard Bearer: William Dyer (ProvJGW East Anglia, ProvMar Essex)

Whilst introducing attendees from overseas, Barry Mansell (DepPGM Spain) and Peter Ribi (PGM Essex) were introduced as Mark District Grand Master of Spain and Past Grand Master of The GLMMM of Switzerland respectively.

Just before closing Grand Lodge HRH Prince Michael made a surprise appointment. After expressing special tribute to our PGM East Anglia, Peter Rollin, outlining the extensive work he has carried out for many years for not only Mark Master Masonry but many of the progressive orders administered by Mark Masons Hall, the Grand Master awarded him the highly acclaimed “Order of Service to Mark Masonry”.

We extend our best wishes to all who attended Mark Grand Lodge on Tuesday and to any other members of our Order who received Grand Rank and who have been inadvertently omitted from this report.

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john lloyd

It is with the deepest possible sadness we announce that our Deputy Grand Master, RWBro Dr John B Lloyd OStJ., CofM, GCh, GCSM has passed away peacefully at home.

Our Grand Master, M W Bro Paul Johnston, PGHCh, GCSM, has asked that our Order pays special tribute as follows:

The Order will maintain a period of mourning until Sunday 21st October 2018. During this time all Grand Officers of the Order, when attending meetings in our Order, will wear a black rosette on the point of the collar or on the chain immediately above the jewel.

The following ‘In memoriam’ will be placed on the next Summons for Grand Court,  Provincial Grand Courts and all Courts within the Order:

R W Bro Dr John Benjamin Lloyd, OStJ, Certificate of Merit

Grand Chancellor, Knight Grand Cross of the Scarlet Mantle

Deputy Grand Master 2013 – 2018

Departed his earthly pilgrimage 10th June 2018


At the next meeting of every Court, and Provincial Grand Court, members will stand to silent order in respect of our very dear loss. This will be immediately after the Court has been opened. All business must be conducted after the respect to departed merit.

Many Brethren will have their own very fond memories of Brother John and knowledge of his private attributes and considerable masonic achievements. His masonic achievements were so many but in the modern era it is a considerable achievement for a Brother to have been a Deputy Grand Master as well as a Provincial Grand Master in the Craft, Grand Superintendent in the Holy Royal Arch, Provincial Grand Master in the Mark and an Inspector General in the Ancient and Accepted Rite.

Funeral arrangements are being circulated to members via Provincial Secretaries.

May God grant him eternal rest, and his family and us the strength to bear his passing.

IMG 8558



Provincial Grand Master Oscar De Alfonso Ortega presided over the 2018 AGM of the Province of Spain at Torrevieja (Alicante) on Saturday 26th May supported by DepPGM Barrie Mansell, officers of Provincial Grand Court and other local Athelstan Freemasons.


RW Bro Lionel Mee, KSM, Provincial Grand Master for the Athelstan Province of Sussex was an Honoured Guest of the Craft Province of Middlesex at their Annual Meeting on Tuesday, 8th May 2018 in the Grand Temple at Great Queen Street in London.

RW Bro Alastair Mason, Pro Provincial Grand Master was the Presiding Officer in the absence of RW Bro HRH Prince Michael of Kent, GCVO Provincial Grand Master for Middlesex who was unable to be present, and he formally welcomed and individually introduced RW Bro Lionel as Provincial Grand Master in the Masonic Order of Athelstan.

The Court of Sion Abbey No 126 was established at Twickenham, Middlesex in the Athelstan Province of Sussex in February this year and a number of the Founders of that Court were present at the Annual Meeting.

It was a most enjoyable meeting and Investiture, and a large number of brethren later dined in the Connaught Rooms at a convivial Festive Board.